CBAP sample Questions

CBAP sample Questions Free

These sample questions have been taken from our CBAP Question bank. In this particular test, we have 10 scenario based questions. In the next blog, we will present a case study with 5 questions. It will be coming up very soon.

So try this Free CBAP questions and check your BABOK understanding and application of the concepts.

Free CBAP Sample Questions

Welcome to Free CBAP Mock test. This test has 10 questions and 18 minutes to answer the questions.

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1. George is a business analyst for a major product implementation project for HPC Oil corporation. The projects personnel management is a manual process and is managed using files. George believes that the personnel management system of the product will be a vast improvement over the manual system. Should George take some action?
2. A business analyst is working on a video game project and is creating an Onion diagram to visually showcase the stakeholders. He is confused about the Product Manager, where should he put the product manager?

CBAP Questions - Onion Diagram
3. A business analyst has planned for the traceability of requirements. Later during the requirements elicitation phase, with new discoveries, he needed to make some changes in the traceability, which document he should be making the changes in?
4. A business analyst has created a stakeholder map and found that the estimated influence of one of the stakeholders is not what was anticipated? Now what should the business analyst do?
5. The use case diagram, shown here, is created during the requirements elicitation process. Looking at the diagram, which one of the following can be inferred from the diagram?

CBAP Questions - Use case
6. A business analyst has created this ER diagram to show the relationship between Name and address of an organization. What is evident from this diagram?

CBAP Questions - ER Diagram

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