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CBAP sample Questions Free

These sample questions have been taken from our CBAP Question bank. In this particular test, we have 10 scenario based questions. In the next blog, we will present a case study with 5 questions. It will be coming up very soon.

So try this Free CBAP questions and check your BABOK understanding and application of the concepts.

Free CBAP Sample Questions

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BA Alex is working on designing a change management process for his organization. He is identifying and analysing the stakeholders which will be involved in the process. He has prepared the RACI matrix based on his experience. Which of the following statements does not hold true in this scenario?
RACI Matrix

BA Elle is working on an existing solution and there are multiple change requests expected. So, the project manager asks her to define the change request process first before working on the implementation of the change requests. Elle is identifying various components required to define change request process. Which of the following is not a valid component for this change management process?

BA Tom is working on a business problem facing by his ecommerce client. The problem is that the customer orders are getting delayed due to which the client is getting regular complaints from the customers. Tom is identifying the real cause behind the customer dissatisfaction. He has represented the visual representation of his analysis in front of project manager. Project manager suggested Tom to review the diagram before sharing it with the stakeholders. What is the reason behind this suggestion given by project manager?Fish Bone Diagram
BA Alex is monitoring the business model of his organization. He is measuing the the performance of business mode. He decides to create th list of various measures which can be used to calculate the performance. He is analzying the existing balance scorecard containing the list of performance measure but found some discrepancy in it. Which of the following statements is supporting the analysis of Alex?

BA Alex is working on an online shopping application. He has gathered the requirements from the key stakeholders associated with the project. He has designed the diagram for modelling the logic of the scenarios that can occur in the application. Which of the following statements is least true about the diagram?
Q39 Sequence Diagram
Samantha a BA was asked to gather requirements for a small project. She conducted elicitation and documented requirements which was approved by the project manager. Based on those requirements, the product was developed but the stakeholders were unhappy with the result. They thought the product was not developed as per the needs they shared.
What could be the earliest step, where she could have made the mistake?
Susan Markovich is a business analyst. PM has asked her about the risk tolerance analysis for the project. She is working on identifying and analysing the risks and defining the risk mitigation and contingency plans for the risks, with respect to the risk tolerance profile of the project. For one of the risks, where impact is identified as 10% extra days as effort, the organization decides to define only the contingency plan. What kind of risk tolerance level, we are talking about?
The company has shifted BA Peter to its new office keeping his experience and commitment level in mind. The task assigned to Peter in the new office is to develop the method for conducting and managing business analysis activities and thereafter train the team of BAs on the method. Peter starts working on the new approach by analysing the document. What is the reason behind document analysis?
A Banking Organization is outsourcing the Production Support activities to a reputed IT Service company. The Business Analyst who has been engaged in this project is accompanying the PMO Team in drafting the Service Level Agreement (SLA) document which will contain the detailed requirements for the services that the Banking Organization is looking forward to. What type of requirement is this ?
Sam barney is the business analyst of a business process improvement project He is analysing the existing business process so as to find areas of improvements in the business process. He arranges a session with the stakeholders for the same. He is analysing the discussion points raised during the session and verifying it with the available reference related to project. Which of the following is the least supporting reference in this scenario

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