How did I prepare and clear CBAP certification exam

Preparing for CBAP certification Exam

I am Devina Ligga, CBAP v3 certified business analyst. In this post, I am going to share my preparation strategy. How did I prepare and clear CBAP certification exam?

How did it all start?

I have a Business analysis experience of 8 years and I was confident to crack my CBAP exam on the first attempt. After all how difficult could it be? And BAs are a bunch of highly intelligent people, especially with such an experience.

So I started studying for my CBAP exam. Completed reading the BABOK v3 guide once and was so sure that I would be able to crack the exam, which was still a month and a half away. Read some blogs regarding it and then decided to go for a mock test. So all confident and geared up, I took the test and scored 45%. That’s right!!! 45%

Getting back on track

After this, the truth hit me hard, I woke up from my dream world and made a plan for myself and here I am sharing my strategy to crack the CBAP exam.

  1. Make sure you meet all eligibility criteria for appearing for CBAP exam. Fill out your application and get it approved before you start studying for the exam. You will need to complete 35 hrs of PDUs from any EEP recognized by IIBA.
  2. Book your exam date well in advance. This will give you enough time to plan and prepare for the exam
  3. Get a copy of BABOK v3 and read it as many times as you can. This does not mean to simply read and turn the pages to finish the book. You need to understand the concepts, make notes, re-read as many times as necessary. Get yourself acquainted with the book and its contents.
  4. Once you are through with the BABOK Guide, you can opt for other preparation options, like joining study groups, flashcards, online/offline training courses
  5. Make a chart of the 6 Knowledge Areas, their tasks, inputs and outputs and the techniques used. Get it printed and put it on a wall. Go through it every time you get across your wall. This will help you in absorbing the concepts
  6. Put special attention on the 50 Business Analysis techniques mentioned in the BABOK. I studied one technique at a time, researched it more unless I was quite satisfied with the knowledge I have on a particular technique. Then I moved on to the next one.
  7. Each and every part of BABOK is important from the exam perspective. Still, pay major attention to the definitions, sequences, and synthesis. Synthesis is important because the questions for CBAP are of case study model
  8. Give mock tests. As much as you can. Mock tests are available based on either a specific topic/knowledge area or a full-length CBAP exam mock. You can choose to appear for them based on your preparation and plan. But be sure to take a lot of practice tests before your exam
  9. Revise the topics. There may be certain topics you find difficult to grasp or are not very confident at. Make sure to revise them and the notes you have prepared for yourself
  10. Relax and take proper rest on the day before the exam. You will rock on the D day


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