ECBA Mock Test

There are 10 questions and each question has only one correct answer. All the best.

A technical requirement has arisen as a result of analysis of a high priority requirement. There are other high priority requirements also scheduled for development. When can the technical requirement be taken up?
Identifying stakeholders and managing them is an important activity for business analysts. Initially, a BA identifies the stakeholders by looking at the organizational charts. Which one of the following could be another source to identify stakeholders?
An influencing factor that is believed to be true but has not been
confirmed to be accurate- which of the factors, we are talking? Choose the correct answer
The new software application is tested and ready but the customer management decides to run both the systems in parallel? Which type of requirement is this?
A business analyst is demonstrating documents to the stakeholders to show - how does the visitor to the website interacts with the system and how does the system respond? Which of the following techniques can be used by the business analyst for this purpose?
Multiple defects are being reported in one of the modules in a software application recently gone LIVE. A root cause analysis (RCA) meeting needs to be conducted to determine the root causes of the defects. Who should be taking the lead in this investigation?
In a financial accounting system implementation, the business processes require previous years' financial records also to generate many of the statutory reports. Which of the following activities will help a BA in this scenario?
You are planning to understand end user requirements for a new online movie ticket booking system. What type of users should you include in your elicitation?
Peter Keats is working on a project. He has gathered the requirements. He has broken down the requirements into smaller functions to see if anything is missing or redundant? Which task is Peter performing in this scenario?
During the requirement gathering process, BA Belinda has met one of the stakeholders to understand the available servers and other environment details. What type of requirements is she gathering?

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