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One of the entries in the product backlog document is user story points? What do these indicate?
Acceptance criteria can include test cases which are not only based on functional requirements but also on non-functional requirements. Is this statement TRUE?
What does the following activity refer to:
It is used to generate many ideas from a group of stakeholders in a short period, and to organize and prioritize those ideas.
Which of the following knowledge areas describe what the business analysts perform to structure and organize requirements discovered during elicitation activities, specify and model requirements and designs, validate and verify information, identify solution options that meet business needs, and estimate the potential value that could be realized for each solution option?
Which of the following formal documents is used to justify a change or a project? This document will contain the decision analysis information as well?
One of the initial sources for identifying the stakeholders is organizational charts. Which one of the following could be another initial source to identify stakeholders?
Interface Analysis as a technique is best suited for which of the following:
While planning the business analysis approach, we can choose to have an adaptive or predictive approaches? What is the meaning of Adaptive planning approach?
When developing a business analysis plan, there may be business factors or conditions that are considered true but that may change during the project. The business analyst must document these items, monitor them for change, and adjust the plan as needed.
The requirements traceability approach is planned by business analysts keeping in mind multiple factors like complexity of the project etc. What are the benefits of requirements traceability? Choose the option which is not applicable?

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