CBAP Certification – Why Should I Become a CBAP?

The business Analysis profession has been on a rise ever since it came into practice. There has been a significant increase in new entrants starting a career in business analysis. It also involvesexperienced professionals transitioning to business analysis. In the current competitive scenario, there is little doubt that a widely accepted certification. It will help a business analysis practitioner stand out in the crowd by showcasing evidence. he/she possesses the required competence, knowledge, and experience in this field. Additionally, getting CBAP Certification will help a business analyst master various concepts, tools & techniques, competencies,. It involves skills required to succeed and grow in their respective career.

It goes without saying that this will, in turn, lead to career growth by means of improved performance. promotions & salary increase in their current job. The Business Analyst Certification will also open new opportunities in the market for a potential career upliftment. As per the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) 2020 Global Business Analysis Salary Survey Report. Business analysts who hold at least one certification earn 13% higher than non-certified respondents.

Certified Business Analysis Professional

Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) designation is undoubtedly the most renowned certification in the field of business analysis. It is a professional certification for individuals with significant experience in the field of business analysis. CBAP Certification is ideal for professionals who are senior members of the IIBA community. Considering with more than five years of practical business analysis experience. As per the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®), the demand for business analysis professionals is to rise 14 percent by 2024. This makes business analysis a stable career choice for those who have the aptitude and education to enter the field with globally recognized professional certifications.

There are numerous reasons why a business analyst should aim to earn the coveted CBAP® designation. with a few of them listed below –

CBAP Certification – Global Recognition of Competence

CBAP® certification is a globally recognized one that has attained industry-wide acknowledgment as well as acceptance. Many companies across the globe are setting sights on business analysts who are CBAP® certified. Attaining the CBAP® designation is a testimony of the fact globally that business analysts possess the required skills. it includes competencies, knowledge, and experience in handling complex business opportunities and challenges in an effective manner.

Higher Recognition and Better Opportunities

Organizations recognize CBAP® certified professionals as those who are well qualified and experts in the field of business analysis. Such business analysts are considered ardent learners who put in earnest efforts. Consider to continue with the learning process. in order to achieve excellence. They are regarded as skilled professionals who play a vital role in the success of an initiative. Hence trusted to be part of critical opportunities and challenges. This enables business analysts to gain valuable experience thereby helping them become an even greater potent force.

Career Advancement with CBAP Certification

Higher recognition within the organization and better opportunities as a result of CBAP® certification. It yield significant benefits in terms of improved performance review ratings, promotions, and greater salary hikes. Moreover, there is an increase in meeting eligibility requirements. higher possibilities of selection towards market opportunities that have to widen up after attainment of CBAP® designation. The demand for such seasoned certified business analysts has been considerably high. in the market and companies do not hesitate to give them their due.

As per the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) 2020 Global Business Analysis Salary Survey Report. Business analysts who hold an IIBA CBAP® certification earn 26% more vs. non-certified ones. This substantiates the fact that CBAP® certification enables the business analysts to boost their earning potential.

Greater Confidence Leading to Enhanced Fulfilment

The learning process for CBAP® certification provides immense knowledge of business analysis key areas. techniques, underlying competencies, and different perspectives to a business analyst. Gaining such vast experience would not be otherwise possible solely through work experience. Knowledge of in-depth business analysis concepts assists a business analyst in applying the learnings in complex, and challenging projects thereby increasing the possibilities of success. With the rewards that come with success, there is even higher confidence to put learnings to work. It enhances fulfillment when desired results are accomplished.

Member of Elite BA Professional Community

There are only around 12K+ CBAP® professionals in the world thereby making this set of business analysts the cream of the crop. Being a member of this elite community provides a business analyst invaluable networking opportunities to interact with peers. This helps a business analyst get insights when dealing with challenges in an assignment. Either garner thoughts on the next steps for career advancements. Networking with professionals having a common career path certainly helps in formulating a well-planned course of action in achieving an objective or addressing a challenge.

CBAP® aspirants may have their own specific reasons to choose to go for this much-in-demand certification. One thing is for sure though that once they become CBAP® . There is an exceedingly high likelihood that all of the benefits will get accompolish.

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step and get ready to enjoy the learning curve and later reap the benefits after the addition of the prestigious “CBAP®” next to your name.

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