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For the profile of business analyst, which matters more: either technical soundness towards tool i.e. SQL, R, SAS, Excel etc., or experience and knowledge about business?

In response to this question on Quora, here is the answer:

Business Analyst’s role has come into prominence because of issues relating to requirements understanding. That’s also been the primary reason for projects not being successful in achieving the desired goals. So understanding of business is probably the most important skill along with the problem solving skill.

The tools are just a means to solve a problem and should never be the key skills. Different projects may need different tools, how many tools one can master? Moreover, the speed at which new tools/techniques are propping up, you will always be a follower. In my view, any tool can be picked up in a few weeks time but business understanding comes with years of hard work and experience.

Go for business domain knowledge but focus on one or two segments only


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