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CBAP Exam Questions

This CBAP mock test comprises of 10 questions. These questions are drill questions, designed to test your understanding of the BABOK guide and knowledge areas. Our CBAP and CCBA Certification courses have drill questions as well as case study based questions for a comprehensive preparation.

About this CBAP Mock test

CBAP and CCBA certification questions use the vocabulary of BABOK guide and sometimes it can get overwhelming. So, it’s important to imbibe the terms and concepts used in BABOK.

We have created these questions for our students to test the vocabulary and key concepts in BABOK guide.  This is a good way of getting ready for simulated tests.

This mock test is based on IIBA BABOK guide v3.

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Rob is a business analyst working with ABC organization. Rob is working on a performance improvement project on web services. Management suggested Rob that these improvement initiative should not take more than 90 days to implement. What type of factor does 90-day implementation represent?


“It is performed to determine if an enterprise is able to adapt to or effectively use a solution. This identifies which processes and tools within the enterprise are adequately equipped to benefit from the solution, and if sufficient and appropriate assets are in place to support it. When conducting it, business analysts consider:

  • Policies and procedures,

  • Capabilities and processes that enable other capabilities,

  • Skill and training needs,

  • Human resources practices,

  • Risk tolerance and management approaches, and

  • Tools and technology that support a solution. ”

Business Analyst does all the above-mentioned activities in which of the following elements of the task Assess Enterprise Limitations?


As part of requirement analysis, Robin wants to specify and model requirements pertaining to current state of the organization. All of the following are valid reasons except one why Robin wants to create the current state model of the organization except?


The basis on which requirements are prioritized is agreed upon by relevant stakeholders as defined in the Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring knowledge area."

Typical factors that influence prioritization excludes:


In the task Maintain Requirements, this technique is used to identify requirements associated with the components and available for reuse and in the task Specify and Model Requirements it is used to model requirements in order to identify constituent parts of an overall complex business function.

Identify the technique from the following options.


Ritesh Shukla is the business analyst for a banking software for retail customer. He has created a conceptual level use case model for a funds transfer module. The use case model needs refinement by identifying include/exclude relationship. Can you help by identifying the CORRECT option?

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While conducting the elicitation activity at InCable LLC, Roni Mehta is participating in an activity with stakeholders, where he is playing the role of a moderator. He is both skilled at keeping the session on track and knowledgeable about the initiative. He is able to engage all participants by being adaptable. His fellow recorder takes notes to ensure the participant’s opinions are accurately recorded.

Choose the purpose of above mentioned technique


“A metric is a quantifiable level of an indicator that an organization uses to measure progress. An indicator identifies a specific numerical measurement that represents the degree of progress toward achieving a goal, objective, output, activity, or further input.”

Which of the following is not a key factor in assessing the quality of indicators and their metrics?


Tom is a business analyst on a project and Client asked Tom to collect information on the current state of the organization. Tom plans to present the AS-IS state of the organization using specifications and models. What’s the purpose of specifying and modeling requirements process?


A Business Analyst finds the following limitations in a technique:

  1. Requires an organization to agree to collaborate on this model.

  2. When created unilaterally or in a vacuum it fails to deliver on the goals of alignment and shared understanding.

  3. Requires a broad, cross–functional collaboration in defining the model and the value framework.

Which of the following techniques is the Business Analyst referring to?

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