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Try these free CBAP sample questions taken from our Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) Question Bank. These 25 cbap questions are based on the CBAP v3 exam pattern and include questions based on scenarios and cases. Each question has one correct answer. Click on the SUBMIT button to finish your test. You can see the answers and explanations after you finish the test. 25 more questions are also available in the video series at the end.

Our CBAP Question bank is aligned with the latest edition of the BABOK and IIBA exam pattern. The CBAP question bank simulator comes with the following features:

    • Warm Up tests chapter-wise (Quick review when you read BABOK first time)
    • Drill Down Questions (For your second time BABOK reading, tougher questions than Warm-up)
    • Case Study-Based Questions (The case studies with multiple questions)
    • Full-length Simulations (When you score 70% consistently in Drill downs)
    • Detailed Analysis of each test with answer explanations
    • Performance report and trends
  • Report on Tests wherever you have scored less than 70%

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A Business Analyst is brainstorming with the stakeholders to discuss the strategy for collecting measurement data for the performance metrics. Which of the following factors is NOT a factor to be considered in the collection of data?
As complexity and risk increase or decrease, the nature and scope of business analysis work can be altered and reflected in the business analysis approach. What is the impact on the BA approach, when the number of stakeholders increases?
A Business analyst is preparing the business analysis approach. The BA is considering all the factors that can influence this approach. Which of the following factors does not affect the business analysis approach?
Jaya has been hired as a business analyst for a BPM project. The project manager discussed with her about the scope, activities to be carried out, timelines, etc. The PM asks her to come up with the output. What should be Jaya creating?
Ross is a business analyst who is currently involved in estimating the time and effort required for carrying out elicitation for an e-learning mobile application. He is using an estimation technique in which each component of the estimate is given three values - Optimistic value, Pessimistic value, and Most Likely value. Then a weighted average for each estimated component is computed. Which estimation technique is used by Ross as mentioned in the question?
When a business analyst comes across a change request, there are key attributes that must be considered about the change. Which are these attributes, which need to be taken into account?
Daily stand-up meeting is a regular activity in an Agile project. What is the purpose of conducting the daily stand-up meeting?
Project Manager Ben asked the BA of the project to make a duplicate database to serve as a staging database and also to allow system testing. He also asked the BA to keep the duplicate database in sync with the original one at all times. What kind of action is taken by Ben?
A Project manager is preparing a list of measures to evaluate a business analyst's work. Which of the following is NOT a correct measure?
A Business Analyst (BA) is conducting an interview session with stakeholders for one of his projects. During the session, stakeholders start discussing requirements that are out of scope. What should the BA do in this case?
Which of the following are the three challenges of eliciting requirements?
A) Project budget
B) Implicit Requirements
C) Domain Knowledge/understanding
D) Requirements Volatility
A Business analyst is studying the current state of an organization. Which of the following the BA should know about the current state?
During a requirements gathering meeting, a stakeholder told the business analyst, The application must be able to run on Windows, iOS and Android operating systems for all the versions released after 2018. Which of the following is true about this requirement?
Nancy is working towards establishing a consistent vocabulary describing business information and the relationships within that information. She is creating a data model for this purpose that is independent of any solution or technology. This data model can be used to represent how the business perceives its information. Which type of data model is being created by Nancy?
BA Ajay is gathering the requirements and he wanted to explain the core concepts to the stakeholders so that they can discuss and refer to the requirements using common terms. Which of the following sets don't represent some of the core concepts as per BABOK?
BA Peter is creating a state transition model to capture the states of entities and their transformations. Which of the following statements is not true about this model?
Riley is the new BA in Benson & Reuters and is in charge of management and maintenance of Requirements and Designs. Which of the mentioned tasks can be performed by Riley initially?
Akash is the business analyst of a project and is identifying the stakeholders. He is considering various factors to identify the stakeholders relevant to the project. Which of the following is NOT a factor in identifying the stakeholders?
A Business Analyst has joined a project under maintenance and found that there is no requirements register to maintain requirements. The BA starts the requirements register and also wants to establish the relationship between the requirements and the solution components. As the BA is new, he needs inputs on the relationship. Whom should he consult?
Customer relationship management software is being developed for an organization. This software will be used by Sales, Marketing, Customer services, and call centre employees. Who is the end-user in this case?
A) Sales Manager
B) Customer Service Executive
C) Finance Head
Identify which one of the following is a functional requirement?
A business analyst was managing requirements for a change initiative. He assigned a specific number to each requirement which is not to be altered even if the requirement is altered. What is this unique identifier called?
Neil, a Business Analyst, has organized a meeting with Stakeholders. He has also invited Implementation SME, Sponsor, and Domain SME. The agenda of the meeting is to allocate requirements. How is this activity useful for Stakeholders?
Ron is conducting requirements elicitation and has been talking to various stakeholders. During the discussions, many factors come up, which need further validation to be TRUE. How should Ron document these?
Ronnie is a business analyst. He is eliciting, identifying, and managing the business analysis information for a project. Which of the following statement is NOT true for business analysis information?

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How our CBAP Question bank can help?

Then you can refer to our dedicated question bank on cbap exam which will help you track and boost your preparation by having:-

  • 4 levels of CBAP Questions.
  • Level 1 is the basic revision for each chapter (Warm up questions)
  • Level 2 is the drill-down set (scenario-based questions), which you configure for time and number of questions.
  • Level 3 is 25+ case studies on the CBAP Exam pattern with more than one question per case study.
  • Level 4 is the full-length simulation tests with 120 questions and 3.5 hours duration.
  • Detailed analysis after the test for answers and explanation
  • Reporting dashboard showing your overall progress
  • Reporting dashboard showing chapters/tests, where you are below the desired score

Do you want to practice more questions on BABOK and CBAP? If so, these CBAP exam questions and answers series of videos are here to help you gauge your preparation level. In this video series, you will discover over additional 25 CBAP exam questions related to the BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) that will help you in CBAP exam preperation.

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