CBAP Sample Questions – With Answers & Explanations

CBAP sample Questions

CBAP Exam Questions

Try these CBAP sample questions taken from our CBAP Question Bank. These questions are based on the CBAP v3 exam pattern and include questions based on scenarios and cases. You can see the answers and explanations after you finish the test.

Our CBAP Question bank is aligned with the latest edition of the BABOK and IIBA exam pattern. The CBAP question bank simulator comes with the following features:

  • Warm Up tests chapter-wise (Quick review when you read BABOK first time)
  • Drill Down Questions (For your second time BABOK reading, tougher questions than Warm-up)
  • Case Study-Based Questions (The case studies with multiple questions)
  • Full-length Simulations (When you score 70% consistently in Drill downs)
  • Detailed Analysis of each test with answer explanations
  • Performance report and trends
  • Report on Tests wherever you have scored less than 70%

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Which of the following are the three challenges of eliciting requirements?
A) Project budget
B) Implicit Requirements
C) Domain Knowledge/understanding
D) Requirements Volatility
Customer relationship management software is being developed for an organization. This software will be used by Sales, Marketing, Customer services, and call centre employees. Who is the end-user in this case?
A) Sales Manager
B) Customer Service Executive
C) Finance Head
A Business Analyst is studying the core concept model of business analysis so as to gain insight into his business analysis work. Which of the following is not TRUE about the core concepts model?
Ronnie is a business analyst. He is eliciting, identifying, and managing the business analysis information for a project. Which of the following statement is NOT true for business analysis information?
During a requirements gathering meeting, a stakeholder told the business analyst, The application must be able to run on Windows, iOS and Android operating systems for all the versions released after 2018. Which of the following is true about this requirement?
BA Ajay is gathering the requirements and he wanted to explain the core concepts to the stakeholders so that they can discuss and refer to the requirements using common terms. Which of the following sets don't represent some of the core concepts as per BABOK?
Daily stand-up meeting is a regular activity in an Agile project. What is the purpose of conducting the daily stand-up meeting?
A business analyst Alex is working on a mobile app. He arranges a session with all relevant stakeholders to gather the requirements. He also invites the implementation consultant, who was part of the previous project. Why does Alex involve him?
Ron is conducting requirements elicitation and has been talking to various stakeholders. During the discussions, many factors come up, which need further validation to be TRUE. How should Ron document these?
Identify which one of the following is a functional requirement?


CBAP Question Bank

CBAP Question Bank from Techcanvass

The key features of our question bank are as follows:

  • 4 levels of CBAP Questions.
  • Level 1 is the basic revision for each chapter (Warm up questions)
  • Level 2 is the drill-down set (scenario-based questions), which you configure for time and number of questions.
  • Level 3 is 25+ case studies on the CBAP Exam pattern with more than one question per case study.
  • Level 4 is the full-length simulation tests with 120 questions and 3.5 hours duration.
  • Detailed analysis after the test for answers and explanation
  • Reporting dashboard showing your overall progress
  • Reporting dashboard showing chapters/tests, where you are below the desired score

You can also check out our blog page to learn more about Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP).

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Techcanvass offers IT certification courses for professionals. We are an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider (EEP), iSQI ATP (for Certified Agile Business Analyst Training) as well as an Agile Testing alliance partner for CP-SAT certification training in Selenium.

You can also check out more CBAP Question Bank or check out the CBAP certification course.

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