CBAP Sample Questions – With answers & explanations

CBAP Exam Questions

Try these CBAP sample questions taken from our CBAP Question Bank. These questions are based on CBAP v3 exam pattern and includes questions based on scenarios and cases. You can see the answers and explanations, after you finish the test.

Our CBAP Question bank is aligned to the latest edition of BABOK and IIBA exam pattern. The CBAP question bank simulator come with the following features:

  • Warm Up tests chapter wise (Quick review when you read BABOK first time)
  • Drill Down Questions (For your second time BABOK reading, tougher questions than Warm up)
  • Case Study Based Questions (The case studies with multiple questions)
  • Full length Simulations (When you score 70% consistently in Drill downs)
  • Detailed Analysis of each test with answer explanations
  • Performance report and trends
  • Report on Tests wherever you have scored less than 70%

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Welcome to Free CBAP Mock test. This test has 10 questions and 18 minutes to answer the questions.

A business analyst is creating a requirements traceability matrix for a project. The requirements are already approved. The BA wants to make sure that the relationships among the requirements are specified correctly. Which document  should the BA refer to for assistance?
A logistics project is being managed by Ariva Inc. The team understands the complexity and is keen to engage stakeholders for getting early feedback on the requirements. The company is optimising the last mile delivery for the project. Which of the following techniques the business analyst should use?

Business analyst P has joined a project, undergoing analysis phase. P is given the initial requirements list to have an understanding of the system. P notices that the list contains a mixture of business and stakeholder requirements in the same list. What should P do?

A business Analyst, Rohit, is working on a project for company A. Company A decides to acquire another company B, while the project is on.

Stakeholders from both the companies are inducted into this new project, as the software is to be implemented for the merged entity. Rohit, now, has to deal with too many stakeholders suddenly. What can Rohit do to avoid slow decision making?
A business analyst has been asked to create an approach to reduce the non-recurring costs for the upcoming projects. Which of the following things the BA should do?
A project is deployed successfully and a dry run is conducted for 15 days, before making it LIVE. The business analyst decides to arrange a retrospective meeting with the stakeholders about the success of the project. Which of the following statement is least true in this scenario?
One of the stakeholders, Robert, is very keen on helping the Business analyst in writing the requirements. He feels that he can actually add value by writing requirements. He is well aware of the business perspective as well as the objectives. Which Techniques can be suggested to Robert?
A business analyst has created a RACI matrix for defining the role and responsibility of team members of a project. What is the issue with this RACI matrix?
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A business analyst Aaron is working on a project. There are 2000 employees and 200 centres across the country. All of these employees and locations are going to use the application. 

Aaron has just been informed that the head of operations been asked to quit with immediate effect. A new director of operations is joining from Mercedes Benz. What should Aaron do in this case?

CBAP Question Bank

CBAP Question Bank from Techcanvass

The key features of our question bank are as follows:

  • 4 levels of CBAP Questions.
  • Level 1 is the basic revision for each chapter (Warm up questions)
  • Level 2 is the drill down set (scenario based questions), which you configure for time and number of questions.
  • Level 3 is 25+ case studies on CBAP Exam pattern with more than one question per case study.
  • Level 4 is the full length simulation tests with 120 questions and 3.5 hours duration.
  • Detailed analysis after test for answers and explanation
  • Reporting dashboard showing your overall progress
  • Reporting dashboard showing chapters/tests, where you are below the desired score

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You can also check out more CBAP Question Bank or check out  CBAP certification course.

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