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This ECBA sample test is based on the latest ECBA exam pattern.

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A business analyst is looking to capture the initial domain terms and interrelationships amongst them in order to organize the business vocabulary needed to consistently and thoroughly communicate the knowledge of a domain. Which of the following models is suitable for this purpose?
A change strategy is an input to define design options for achieving the desired future state. What is the importance of change strategy in formulating the design options?
Which of the following artifacts refers to the structure of all of the requirements in a change initiative?
Which of the following is a mechanism to convey requirements to stakeholders in a descriptive and visual manner for effective communication and better understanding?
Identify which one of the following is a functional requirement?
A Business Analyst is studying the scope of work for a change initiative. What does the scope of work tell the BA?
Which is the task that makes sure that the right requirements are specified in the document? It also captures the details of the requirements. Identify the task?
A business analyst is preparing for elicitation and needs to choose a suitable elicitation type. Which of the following elicitation types, the BA can choose from?
One of the important considerations in identifying and engaging the stakeholders is?
A business Analyst collaborates with the stakeholders to convert high level requirements into ______________ requirements ?
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Which type of requirement is mentioned below: "A user will be able to register on the website to access member only features."
A company asked its IT vendor to upload the historical data into the newly developed application. Which kind of requirement is this?
Which of the following is not a document created by a Business Analyst?
The purpose of verifying the requirements is to make sure that _______________?
What is the reason for avoiding and eliminating non-atomic requirements?
The main objective of feasibility study is
A user story is a high level requirements description. How do we test a user story?
What is the benefit of Prioritizing requirements?
Only items near the top of the backlog are elaborated and estimated in detail. What's the reason for this?
Which of the following documents maintains the requirements and its priorities:

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