ECBA Sample Questions with Answers and Explanations

ECBA Exam Questions

The ECBA sample questions cover a range of topics related to the business analysis discipline, including

  • requirements elicitation and management,
  • enterprise analysis,
  • business analysis planning and monitoring,
  • and solution evaluation.

By taking this ECBA Practice Test, you can demonstrate proficiency in these areas, which can help you stand out to potential employers and advance your careers in the field of business analysis. Additionally, preparing for the ECBA exam can help individuals deepen their understanding of business analysis concepts and practices, which can improve their job performance and increase their value to their organization.

This ECBA sample mock test is based on the latest ECBA exam pattern. These questions are taken from our ECBA Question bank, which has more than 1000 questions. Each question has one correct answer. Click on the SUBMIT button to finish your test. Once you finish the test, you will find a detailed analysis of the test. This detailed analysis will have correct answers and explanations for the correct answer.

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Which of the below tasks is conducted to ensure that requirements and designs satisfy the requirements?
Sequences and Repetitions are terms associated with which one of the following techniques?
Which of the following is one of the key objectives of defining the requirement architecture in a change initiative?
A business analyst, George, is working on creating a prototype to identify missing and inadequately specified requirements. He is developing a prototype with simple tools to get validation and fill the gaps quickly during the course of discussion. Which type of prototype is George creating?
Analysis of requirements involves which of the following?
Rough order of magnitude (ROM) is a method for conducting ______________
A business analyst is carrying out analysis of elicitation results and creating representation of those results with focus on solution. What is going to be the output of this activity?
Which of the following techniques is used for identifying, analyzing; evaluating areas of uncertainty that could negatively affect value, and then developing; managing ways to deal with them?
One of the key requirements of a proposed system is to update various associated Supplier, ERP, CRM and other systems when warehouse manager updates stock information in the system. What kind of study needs to be done to capture this type of information?
Why do we define acceptance criteria for user stories?
Requirements may be represented in different ways for different stakeholder groups in order to ensure that relevant information is provided to each group. Which of the following refers to these sets of conventions?
Which of the following is a mechanism to convey requirements to stakeholders in a descriptive and visual manner for effective communication and better understanding?
This requirement was reviewed by a business analyst and was not found to be appropriate to be included in the requirements document. Which of the following is the issue with this requirement?
A change strategy is an input to define design options for achieving the desired future state. What is the importance of change strategy in formulating the design options?
Business analysts also capture information about attributes of the requirements while specifying and modelling requirements. Which of the following is a synonym for attributes?
Use Case is one of the techniques used for modelling requirements i.e. visually represent requirements. Which of the following is also a requirements modelling technique?
What is the purpose of specifying and modelling requirements?
A business analyst considers various solution approaches to achieve the desired future state. Which of the following is not a correct solution approach?
In order to communicate business analysis information, which of the following techniques can be used for both individual and group collaboration?
A business analyst is looking to capture the initial domain terms and interrelationships amongst them in order to organize the business vocabulary needed to consistently and thoroughly communicate the knowledge of a domain. Which of the following models is suitable for this purpose?
Which of the following artifacts refers to the structure of all of the requirements in a change initiative?
Which of the following is not maintained in the backlog?
Which requirement characteristic is represented by the following? Self-contained and capable of being understood independent of other requirements or designs.
Requirements architecture is intended to demonstrate traceability. Is this statement correct?
"The system shall generate a batch report and a discrepancy report when a batch is aborted". This requirement was reviewed by a business analyst and was not found to be appropriate to be included in the requirements document. Which of the following is the issue with this requirement?


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How our ECBA Question Bank can help?

ECBA Exam Questions

The key features of our question bank are as follows:

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