CBAP Certification – Why Should I Become a CBAP?

Business Analysis profession has been on a rise ever since it came into practice. There has been a significant increase in new entrants starting a career in business analysis and experienced professionals transitioning to business analysis. In the current competitive scenario, there is little doubt that a widely accepted certification will help a business analysis practitioner stand out in the crowd by showcasing evidence that he/she possesses the required competence, knowledge and experience in this field. Additionally, getting certified will help a business analyst master various concepts, tools & techniques, competencies and skills required to succeed and grow in their respective career.

Top 5 Requirements Elicitation Techniques for Business Analysts

Elicitation is unarguably one of the most important activity performed by a business analyst. It describes the tasks performed by a business analyst to obtain information from all required stakeholders. Elicitation involves extracting or drawing forth information from stakeholders or other sources, primarily on business needs and requirements. Business analysts perform elicitation activities through direct communication with stakeholders, carrying out research or experimentation or they may simply be handed over the required information.

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