ECBA exam questions – mock test

ECBA exam questions mock test

In this post, we are providing a mock test on ECBA exam questions. These ECBA questions are taken from IIBA BABOK guide version 3. The mock test contains 10 questions. After you finish the test, you will be shown the result with correct answers and answer explanations, wherever applicable.

About the mock test

This mock test is based on IIBA BABOK guide v3. All the IIBA certification tests will be based on this guide and you must familiarize yourself with that. In the end, we have given links to some useful article and videos for knowing about BABOK v3.

Welcome to ECBA Certification mock test. This test has 10 questions.

There are no negative markings so attempt all the questions.

You will get 10 minutes to answer these questions.


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What is the purpose of creating a backlog in a project?
As per BABOK guide, business analyst is a stakeholder for a software project?
Stakeholders are analyzed and measured on a matrix with High and Low values of Influence and Impact. How will you manage a stakeholder with High Influence/Low Impact
Brainstorming is a technique which can be used by business analysts for
Please select the visual technique, which can be used for representing the functional decomposition?
One of the most common techniques for prioritizing the requirements is
The purpose of creating Requirements architecture is to
What is the purpose of product backlog grooming?
Verification & validation of requirements are almost similar in nature. The only difference is that verification is conducted using a check list

Is the above statement TRUE or FALSE
RACI matrix is a technique for

What’s Next

You can watch the following video to know everything about IIBA ECBA Certification:


You can find more useful resources for IIBA ECBA Certification as well as on BABOK v3 guide. Subscribe to our you tube channel to get notified of new video releases:

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