ECBA exam questions – mock test

ECBA exam questions mock test

In this post, we are providing a mock test for ECBA exam questions. These ECBA questions are based on BABOK guide version 3 and are taken from our ECBA Exam simulator. The mock test contains 10 questions. After you finish the test, you will be shown the result with correct answers and answer explanations, wherever applicable.

About the mock test

This mock test is based on IIBA BABOK guide v3. All the IIBA certification tests will be based on this guide and you must familiarize yourself with that. In the end, we have given links to some useful article and videos for knowing about BABOK v3.

Welcome to ECBA Certification mock test. This test has 10 questions.

There are no negative markings so attempt all the questions.

You will get 10 minutes to answer these questions.


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Stakeholders are analyzed and measured on a matrix with High and Low values of Influence and Impact. How will you manage a stakeholder with High Influence/Low Impact
This task ensures that requirements have been defined correctly and that they are of acceptable quality.
RACI matrix is a technique for
__________ approach typically call for formal documentation and is defined before implementation begins in order to maximize control and minimize risk
One of the most common techniques for the task prioritize requirements in requirements life cycle management knowledge area, is
The purpose of creating Requirements architecture is to
As per BABOK guide, business analyst is a stakeholder for a software project?
Requirement analysis and design definition deals with tasks that business analysts perform to structure and organize requirements discovered during elicitation activities, specify and model requirements and designs, validate etc. Identify the task which is associated with this knowledge area?
This technique is used to collaboratively identify and reach consensus about which sources of business analysis information should be consulted and which elicitation techniques might be most effective. Identify the technique
What is the purpose of creating a backlog in a project?

What’s Next for ECBA Certification

We have published multiple resources for ECBA Certification aspirants. Here are couple of top picks.

You can access more ECBA exam questions from our ECBA test simulator page. You need to register to try the questions. There are around 40 questions in the trial for the simulator.

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There are other resources also available on this blog. You can choose the right category from the main menu of this blog.

Wish you all the best for your preparation & success.

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