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IIBA-AAC Mock Questions with Answers and Explanations

AAC Sample questions
Try these free IIBA AAC sample questions taken out from our extensive Question Bank designed for Agile Analysis Certification (IIBA®-AAC). These 20 questions are based on the latest Agile Extension v2 exam pattern, featuring scenarios and cases for a comprehensive evaluation. Each question has one correct answer. Click on the…

What is epic in JIRA?

What is Epic in JIRA
In the world of Agile project management, the term “epic” holds great significance. It represents a large body of work, such as performance-related tasks, within a release. Epics in JIRA are essentially large user stories that can be further divided into smaller stories. This blog will explore the concept of…

Fundamentals of Investment Banking Domain

Domain Knowledge
Investment banking serves as the compass that steers companies, investors, and economies through the broad landscape of finance. It is the driving force behind significant financial transactions, the mastermind behind acquisitions and mergers, and the link that connects businesses to the funding they require to expand. Please join us in…

Is Business Analytics A Good Career?

Is Business Analytics-a-Good-Career-Choice
Of course, business analytics is certainly a good course from a career standpoint. Business analytics allows businesses to get valuable customer insights from their data. Business analysts are those who possess the necessary abilities, information, and instruments to determine the course of action that a company should take to flourish…

Top 5 Skills for Business Analysts in 2024

Top 5 Skills For Business Analysts
In an age marked by swift technological progress and changing market trends, the importance of the business analyst has grown significantly. Positioned at the intersection of technology and business, these experts are charged with the task of converting intricate business requirements into practical IT solutions. Looking ahead to 2024, it’s…

What is BACCM (Business Analysis Core Concepts Model)?

BABOK core concepts model


Business Analysis Core concepts Model (BACCM) is the core framework integral to BABOK Guide v3. Core concepts are fundamental to the practice of business analysis as defined in BABOK guide. IIBA BABOK v3 is the new version of BABOK guide for latest version of business analyst certifications. In this article, I am going to discuss the basics of business analysis core concepts model (BACCM).