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Business analysis skills for a new business analyst

Business analysis skills for a new business analyst

What are the business analysis skills for a new business analyst? This article will explain the key business analysis skills required to start as a business analyst.
A business analyst works as an intermediary between the customer and the development team. To be effective as a business analyst, you need to possess specific skills. These business analysis skills can be categorized into technical and soft skills. In this post, I am going to discuss technical skills. I have discussed the soft skills for a business analyst in another article as shown below:

Top four soft Skills for business analysts

Technical Skills of a business analyst

Business Analysts play an important role in understanding the customer requirements, modeling them and validating the system before getting delivered to the customer. It’s not possible to achieve all of the above efficiently without being technically sound.
The technical aspect here, refers to technical know-how and tools knowledge and the ability to interact with the development team.

Please note that the technical skills of a business analyst does not mean programming skills at all.

In my opinion, a business analyst should be familiar with the following Technical skills:

Requirements elicitation and gathering

Business analysts interact with the customer to gather requirements. It’s an extremely critical to have the capability to identify implicit and explicit requirements. A number of requirement elicitation techniques are available, which can be used like requirements workshop, joint application development (JAD), Sprint planning meeting, Backlog refinement meeting etc.

Requirement Analysis and Modelling

Once you have initiated the requirement gathering phase, analysis and modelling techniques are used to reach an agreement on the requirements with the customer. It involves modelling techniques like DFD, UML, prototyping etc.
You can also use some tools to perform requirement analysis and modelling as discussed in the following article:

Managing requirements changes

Changes in the requirements is a reality and business analysts have to deal with it. Agile methodologies are designed to deal with the changes with small release cycles. In traditional methodologies, you still need to deal with the changes in a systematic manner. Requirement traceability table (RTT) is a good way to manage requirements.
We have discussed Requirement traceability table (RTT) and other top tools for a business analyst in the following article.

Verification and Validation

One of the important business analysis skills is the verification and validation skill. You have to not only perform final round of testing on the developed software, but also verify and validate the requirements. As requirements are the basis for the software, requirements must be verified and validated to avoid delays and cost escalations.
Our business analyst course deals with these skills extensively with examples and case studies.

Business Analyst Training - ECBA CertificationBusiness Analyst Training – ECBA Certification

As a business analyst, your responsibilities warrant that you master certain business analysis skills. These skills are relevant even if you are using Agile methodologies or any other software development methodologies.

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