After 3.5 years of work experience in retail banking, how can one jump to a business analyst/financial analyst role in MNCs

It’s important to note that Business Analyst and financial analysts are two different roles. The financial analyst is a specialized role looking into the financial domain of an organization like balance sheet, P &L, cash flow and performs an analysis to derive insights for the management.

However, business analyst is a more generalized role with specific capabilities to analyze & solve problems. These capabilities are applicable across all the industries be it Financial, Banking, retail etc.

One of the interesting career paths is mastering business analytics. Business Analytics is a potent set of tools/techniques, that helps in providing insights into an organizations problems and help solve the problems.

Retail banking uses analytics to improve customer relationships based on customer behaviourial patterns. For example, launch of co-branded cards like CitiBank-jet airways card is a prime example of using analytics.

Having said that, how do you get into this? For learning business analytics, you can attend short term courses, provided by Institutes or can even go for one year programs now offered by IIMs and IITs, depending on your current understanding and other factors.

Hope that helps…Just note that IT industry looks at Business Analyst in a completely different light, I hope you are not looking at that


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