Moving from Sales to Business Analyst

Moving from Sales to Business Analyst

Are you contemplating moving from sales to business analyst? If yes, then this article will provide you the approach to achieve your goal. IT industry needs business analysts from across the industry. It’s possible to shift from Sales as well as from other corporate streams.

We get similar queries from professionals from other domains as well. You can refer to them as well.

Having spent 8 yrs in Travel domain, can I now become a business analyst?


After 3.5 years of work experience in retail banking, how can one jump to a business analyst/financial analyst role in MNCs

Which skills do I need as a business Analyst?

Business Analysts are in-fact cross-functional experts and can come from any industry.  Business analyst role hardly involves any programming. However, there are some key skills which you must acquire, before you can move into a business analyst role?

Techcanvass has defined a simple skill framework called CRAFT for business analysts. CRAFT defines four important skills for a Business Analysts.


Business Analyst Skills Framework
Business Analyst Skills Framework – CRAFT

Let me give a brief about these skills:

Communication Skills: One of the most important skills for business analysts is communication skills. BAs have to communicate with customer as well as tech team and to avoid information loss, good oral as well as written communication skills are critical. Since you are in Sales, you must be good in ‘C’.

Requirements Analysis and Modeling: The ability to understand, analyze and model requirements is another skillset, BAs have to be good at. Processing modeling using UML or DFD and Data Modeling using E-R diagrams are some of the techniques, which can be learnt.

Functional Knowledge: Understanding the business processes is another skill, which plays an important role in BAs career. For example, if you are talking to a Bank PM for developing a banking system, you need to understand basic processes and terminologies to be able to grasp, what does the customer want? Right.

Functional Testing: The last but not the least skill is the ability to validate the developed software with reference to the requirements.

The functional knowledge is not a mandatory skill to begin your career as a business analyst. You can enter the industry without business domain knowledge. However, it’s extremely important to keep learning about businesses, it’s going to be helpful.

Gestation period for business analyst role

Once you acquire these skills, you need to spend first 6-12 months to add on-the-job experience before launching yourself into the exciting career of a Business Analyst. To know more about the career of a business analyst, you can watch the recording of our webinar on Business Analyst career:

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