CBAP sample questions – Situation based

CBAP sample questions

In this post, I am going to share a few CBAP sample questions. CBAP certification exam questions are expected to be situation based and are not expected to be direct extracts from the BABOK guide v3. CBAP certification exam is 3.5 hrs long and does provide for ample time frame for solving the case study based questions.
Let’s look at a few sample questions with varying degree of difficulty level. I will also provide explanation to the answers.
These questions have been picked up from our CBAP exam simulator, the link for the same is given at the end of this post.
Difficulty level of question I : Simple

Sample Question I

Justin gathered the information during elicitation session and committed the gathered information and resources to business analysis activities. He did not collaborate with the stakeholders and it was found out that there are errors and ambiguity in the information and the expectations of the stakeholders was not met with.
Which of the following tasks should have been done in order to avoid this situation?

  1. Conduct Elicitation
  2. Elicitation Activity Plan
  3. Manage Stakeholder Collaboration
  4. Confirm Elicitation Results

Correct Answer: The correct answer is number 4. As per BABOK guide, purpose of the task “Confirm elicitation results” is to check it for accuracy and consistency with other information.
Difficulty level of question II : Medium

Sample Question II

Mohan wants the movement and transformation of data between entities and processes. He also wants to illustrate the temporary and permanent repositories. The output from one external will be the input for another process.
Mohan should use which of the following techniques?

  1. Data Flow Diagrams
  2. Data Dictionary
  3. Document Analysis
  4. Process Analysis

Correct Answer: The correct answer is number 1. Data flow diagrams, a traditional approach for requirements modelling used data flow as the primary source of information. The data flow diagrams shows the flow of data from an external entity to a process or from one process to another.
Difficulty level of question III : Difficult

Sample Question III

Ramesh manages the Business Process Management initiative and is accountable for its delivery and driving decisions. He works with a team including process analysts and process designers. He is responsible for planning, scheduling, communication management, change management, and risk management.
What kind of the change target is Ramesh for Business Management Process?

  1. Regulator
  2. Project Manager
  3. Process Owner
  4. Process Participant

Correct Answer: The correct answer is number 2. This question is related to business process management. The change targets defined for the business process management perspective in chapter 11 (page number 428). Project manager has been identified as the role who manages the BPM initiative. A project manager is responsible for the delivery and decision making for any BPM initiative.
We have seen 3 CBAP sample questions with varying degree of difficult levels. As you can see, the questions are from the BABOK guide, however presented in the form of simple cases implying the concepts provided in the guide.
These questions are taken from our CBAP question bank. You can check out more details using the following link:

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CBAP Practice Test Series


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