Which requirements elicitation approach will you use in the given situation?

You are contracted to develop a software system involving multiple divisions of an organization. Each division is a stakeholder in the organization and there are approximately 25 divisions. How will you go about requirements gathering?
Question Objective: This is a scenario based question and is asked to check your understanding of processes and the ability to customize approach based on situations.
In this case, I would like to create a small team for each division by choosing members from the customer teams themselves. Each team will be led by process champion. Each divisional team will be responsible for interacting with divisional stakeholders to gather requirements and document it. It will require some training for the process champions and that can be done in an consolidated manner.
Once the process champions, complete their work, my team (of business analysts ) will sit with the process champions and their respective team for further discussion, interviews etc to elicit & to consolidate the requirements.

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