Business Analyst Interview Audio Book

We have launched our Business Analyst Interview Audio Book after releasing the paperback edition on Amazon. The Audio book is created for the professionals prefer to listen. Audio Book is available on Mobile App and is a great way to listen to even while travelling.

This audio book comes with Android and iOS app. You can listen to these while travelling or even in your leisure time.

The Key aspects of this book are:

  • These questions cover a wide range of topics like Agile, Core BA skills, UML, User stories etc.
  • An entire chapter is created for situational questions. These questions have become part of every interview these days.
  • I have answered the questions as thoroughly as possible so that you can understand the concepts and topics well (Even if you are not already aware)
  • Last but not the least, you will also hear my thoughts on the way one should answer these questions and why do Interviewers ask these questions?

Audio Book Overview

The Book has been divided into six chapters as described below:

Icebreaker Questions

Icebreaker questions are initial set of questions. An interviewer wants to understand your background and fitment to the organization and the role. You will have questions like “Tell me about yourself?”.

General BA Questions

This chapter includes general business analysis interview questions about business analysis and your understanding of this role. This section will have questions like “What is Business Analysis?”, “What is the role of a Business Analyst?” etc.

Business Analysis Core Skills based Questions

What are the key skills of a Business Analyst? Do you understand Use cases, Activity diagrams, Process modelling etc. This section has questions on these core BA skills.

Agile and Business Analysis Questions

As per state of Agile survey 2020, more than 95% respondents said that they use some form of Agile development methodologies. As a Business Analyst, you are expected to know everything about Agile. This section will help you master topics relevant to a Business Analyst in Agile environment.

Additional BA core Skills questions

This section has questions which could not be categorized into the last two chapters. This section has questions on Business case, BPM, BPR, BPMN etc.

Situational Questions

This chapter has situational questions which have become very common these days. I have also explained the approach to answer such questions. This chapter has 25 situational questions.

Business Analyst Audio Book: Know more

Paperback Edition: Are you looking for Paperback edition? Visit Business Analyst interview book on Amazon.

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