CBAP/CCBA Study Guide

CBAP CCBA Study Guide

Our CBAP study and Revision guide is one of the best guides for CBAP and CCBA aspirants. This guide is written by our team of experts. The key objective of this guide is to help you revise BABOK quickly.

This CBAP Revision guide is a summarized version of BABOK v3. We have added case studies, crossword puzzles, match-making exercises as well as mock questions to make it suitable for CBAP / CCBA Preparation.

Let’s understand the contents and structure of this CBAP CCBA Study Guide.

Content and Structure of the Study Guide

The book is not an alternative to the BABOK guide but is a revision guide, which will help in the quick and meaningful revision of BABOK v3.

The purpose of this study guide can be summarized as follows:

  • Help you revise BABOK knowledge areas and techniques quickly. It is a concise version of BABOK.
  • Help you validate your understanding of BABOK with the help of mock questions, quizzes and exercises.
  • Learn to answer case study based questions based on applications of concepts.

The structure of each chapter is as follows:

  • Key Concepts for the chapter
  • Summary of each topic of chapter as per BABOK
  • Case Study and questions with answers
  • Crossword puzzles and Match Making exercises
  • Mock Questions – Answers and explanations

We have covered all the knowledge areas, Key Concepts (Chapter 2), All the 50 Techniques, and Perspectives (all five).

You can also view our official blog page on Techcanvass’s website to learn more about the Certificate of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA).

How should you use this guide?

The CBAP/CCBA Study guide is complimentary to BABOK and so I highly recommend reading BABOK once. Once you have gone through BABOK, it’s time to pick this guide up.

You may not need to go back to BABOK as this guides everything you need to continue your preparation. On top of that, this guide will help you in revising the chapters quickly.

View Sample Chapter

You can access the complete Business Analysis planning and monitoring chapter. To access the sample chapter visit the CBAP Study Guide page.

We also have developed CBAP CCBA Preparation packs for the certification preparation. Our preparation packs consist of a question bank, drills and exercises as well as a study guide.

You can purchase the hard copy of the CBAP CCBA Study Guide on Amazon. You can also purchase the interactive digital edition from our website.

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