Crack CBAP in First Attempt

CBAP Preparation Approach: Achieving Exam Success on the First Attempt

In this post, Mrinalika Akula shares her approach to preparing for CBAP V3 and how she successfully obtained her CBAP certification. With CBAP V3 being tougher than its predecessors, Mrinalika’s insights will provide valuable guidance for your CBAP preparation journey.

CBAP Exam Preparation Approach

She prepared and cleared her CBAP v3 exam in 2017 and it was quite an experience. The exam was tougher than she anticipated. Even though it took her some time to calm her nerves, her preparation helped her do well.

To give back to her fellow CBAP aspirants, she thought to jot down the preparation approach for CBAP certification exam.

Here are some of the key aspects of her preparation:

1. Fix a target date for the exam

It looks to be an obvious thing but actually, it is not. Her projects were hectic and she had limited time to study. She heard people saying that it took her 2.5-3 months but owing to her schedule, she targeted 4 months. This target date helps in planning backward and helps in focusing. Without a target date, there is always a risk and most importantly, it works for her.

2. Get your hand on BABOK

As BABOK is the book, which is what questions are based on, she spent a lot of time on going through it. Making her own notes to remember key points. She did try to remember the knowledge areas and tasks but not everything as it’s very big.

3. Join a study group

Join a Study group, or join groups on Being in a group, who are aiming for the same goal will always be a motivation factor. There will be constant discussions and churning of information. This will keep you sprinting towards the certification. Find a BA mentor if possible who can groom you for the exam.

4. Understand the exam pattern

It’ll always help to get a grip on the variety of questions encountered in the exam. CBAP exam is an assessment of Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation of BABOK concepts. Expect scenario based or case study based questions.

Practice is key to mastering the skills, so let’s delve into some sample CBAP case study questions to gauge your understanding.

5. Make a study plan

Instead of slaughtering the KAs and memorizing, approach BABOK as a cohesive whole. All the KAs are interrelated and the inputs, outputs, tasks, elements, guidelines, techniques are important cogs in the machinery. This is the only way to retain 500+ pages of information.

Try to solve mocks & simulators. Aim at scoring above 80% which is a safe finishing line.

Once you find yourself scoring above 80% consistently take the leap. It’s better to appear when you are at peak performance, unnecessary stretching will overwhelm you.

6. Mental conditioning

For exams like CBAP, it’s extremely important to be calm and relaxed. On the exam day stay full and be hydrated else it can really impact your focus.

7. On exam day

Now coming to the most important 3.5 hours of the journey.

  • Need to be really swift in data interpretation and analysis, especially in case studies.
  • Technique and more techniques, please focus on mastering them.
  • UML diagrams, DFDs, ER diagrams – be thorough with them.
  • Inputs and outputs for tasks can be asked under scenario based questions, don’t ignore them.
  • Time is very crucial. 3.5 hours are just not sufficient. Hence pace your exam time wisely.

Hope this will be helpful for future CBAP aspirants. Good Luck!

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