The incredible journey of Snehal to attain ECBA Certification

In this blog, we will talk about the career journey of Snehal, a business analyst with years of experience working in several domains. 

Every organization requires business analysts for identifying business needs and coming up with viable solutions to business problems. A business analyst supports and enables stakeholders to take important business decisions. Business analysis is a lucrative career option with a lot of space for growth and new opportunities. 

Organizations prefer to hire certified business analysis professionals as every organization wants professionals to bring in their expertise and knowledge. And this is where a CBAP and ECBA certification comes into play. It is one of the most sought-after business analysis certifications offered to professionals with extensive business analysis experience. 

In this blog, we will look at how Snehal prepared for her ECBA certification journey. Meanwhile, we will also learn how Techcanvass helped her crack the most difficult BA examination by guiding her.


Snehal was previously working in an educational domain with the renowned colleges in Pune.  Where she worked as an IT project coordinator and assistant professor and her responsibility was to mentor the PG students for their internships having international collaborations and preparing them to prepare the project documents, BRDs, and SRS. So she was thoroughly working on it and that experience motivated her to move into this domain.

What excited her to become a Business Analyst?

While working with several big companies, she got an opportunity to choose between and switch domains. What excites her about business analysts was, that they are involved thoroughly in every phase of the project and that really motivates her a lot. According to her, there are a lot of learning opportunities and a growth aspect to it so she moved into that profile. And after that, she began her ECBA preparation.

How did she plan for the preparation and the time taken for it? 

She started her preparation by following various guidelines on how to clear the ECBA. After that, she submitted her application but did not take the date for the exam. She started preparing the BABOK but it is like a 500+ page book and you can not sit and read it in one place and you cannot remember things so she just thought of taking something which helps her to prepare for the ECBA. 

At that time, she got introduced to the Techcanvass ECBA and got the Techcanvass ECBA test series. It just helped me to pass the chapter-wise test by reading one chapter at a time. She prepared one chapter from BABOK and then went for the test for that particular chapter from that test. 

So that helped her to prepare thoroughly each and every chapter. She completed the BABOK first and after completing BABOK she started only giving the test series exam randomly. It has a chapter-wise test as well as a full-length test that gives motivation and that gives the confidence to appear for the exam. 

What changes did she see after the certification? 

In the education domain what we are restricted to is a drawback and it’s sad. We are restricted to the syllabus. We can not move beyond that. But while reading BABOK and working in the enterprise she realizes that ECBA certification, preparation only and the, and the passing exam gives the like, the difference in preparing your day plan. 

The perspective changes because you get into the knowledge, all aspects and you get the templates, how to prepare the templates for RTM, how you, how you are going to keep your documents ready. How you are going to manage your change board, how you are going to manage your tools and what you are required for. So that is what the main methodology for working changes after ECBA.

Was she able to apply the knowledge learned in the ECBA curriculum?

According to Snehal, In BABOK, there is no mention of direct templates. But there is a mention of what exactly the points need to be in every requirement possibility matrix. So, that helps accordingly to prepare that particular document. 

So, it’s not directly the template, you read the concept and you come to know what kind of information you should store or you should keep. Sometimes the total perspective, the total techniques, and tools, you can say the guidance to maintain the project. 

She says every project needs different techniques and tools so all together the fifty of that BABOK gives you the idea.

The Techcanvass series also have chapter wise like question answers on that tool and techniques only so you are thoroughly into the question answer, the knowledge is there in the BABOK, and how to implement it comes out from the questions. 

Tips and tricks for the aspirants

According to Snehal, there are various tips and tricks that aspirants should focus on while preparing for the ECBA certification.

Firstly, they need to set the target date first because you can not just keep on reading BABOK 500 pages and giving exams. So, keep in mind the month that you want to give the exam, not exactly the date but the month and before that, you just have one and a half months to read and give the exam continuously. 

You have to be focused for that one and a half months so that you can crack the exam. If you take the, if you don’t take the exam date then there is a problem because you keep on reading and it goes on. 

Take the Techcanvass series of ECBA or CBAP whichever you want to go for and their experience applies for and from that they can learn simultaneously and test them simultaneously. And they will become perfect for giving the exam. 

Why is Snehal going for CBAP Certification now? 

According to her, It’s an organizational standard certification that when we want to go ahead and have promotions and become a senior business analyst and consultant, we should have the knowledge from a different perspective because they have set ECBA, CCBA, CBAP because they are judging you from a different perspective and use.

So, ECBA for some kind of experience is applicable when you move on in your career, your perspective will become wider, right, and your domain becomes wider. 

You need to understand what kind of knowledge, what kind of things you need it for, and always as a learner we want to test ourselves. 

So, CBAP is to understand what we have learned through this experience, and cracking that exam will give you confidence in moving ahead into the career, and obviously, it is a recognized certification you should have on your resume. 


So, here is the success story of Snehal coming to an end. We hope this blog was helpful and motivating for you to continue your preparation in the right direction. If you are planning to kickstart your business analyst journey, an ECBA certification is a wise choice after going through Snehal’s certification journey. Techcanvass is helping aspirants crack the certification exam with the help of their comprehensive ECBA training course. The course will allow you to enjoy great features such as a full-fledged practice exam, more than 500+ mock questions, crosswords, case studies, flashcards, and more. 

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