ECBA Exam tips

ECBA Exam tips

Entry certificate in business analysis (ECBA) certification is awarded by International institute of business analysis (IIBA), Canada. The examination for the ECBA Certification is a multiple choice (MCQ) exam comprising of 50 questions to be completed in 1 hr. 

If you are not familiar with ECBA Certification details, syllabus and exam pattern, you can visit ECBA Certification Details page.

In this post, I am going to mention some of the exam preparation and taking tips. These tips are based on the feedbacks received from our hundreds of students.

ECBA Exam tips

As you are getting ready for the ECBA exam, here are a few tips for the exam and its preparation. But prior to that, let me provide you a few details about the Exam pattern and questions, so that you can understand the logic behind the exam tips.

It’s important to note the following about the ECBA Exam:

a) An obvious point, but just reiterating, the exam is based on BABOK guide

b) There are 50 multiple choice questions and duration is 1 hr.

c) There is no negative marking and its a proctored exam (so you can take it from home)

d) The ECBA exam questions are not scenario or case study based.

e) The questions are based on BABOK knowledge areas and key concepts

f) The questions are not designed to test your memory rather they are designed to check your understanding

g) Students have found that questions are based on techniques also.

Based on the above facts about the ECBA exam, we have prepared this list of exam preparation tips, which should be useful for every ECBA exam taker. Here are these tips.

Tips for the exam

At the outset, let me state the fact that the ECBA exam is not a very difficult exam, but a medium difficulty level examination. So, you should prepare for the exam, keeping this in mind.

A) The questions are not designed to test your memory rather they are designed to check your understanding. So during your preparation, your focus should be based on your understanding of concepts rather than memorizing the definitions.

B) An important change in the pattern of ECBA exam (in 2019) is – the questions use synonyms (or similar phrases) for terms used in the BABOK.

So for example, measuring solution performance can be mentioned as assessing how is the solution performing? Solution limitations can be mentioned as shortcomings of the software application under development.

In both the cases, you should have the ability to relate it to the correct tasks in the solution evaluation knowledge area.

C) Nowadays, some of the questions may not have single term as options. For example, look at the following question:

Which of the following elements of a SWOT analysis will be identified by an analysis of the external environment of an organisation?


Weaknesses and Threats Opportunities and Threats Strengths and Opportunities Strengths and Weaknesses

D) The exam questions are designed keeping in mind that you are new to business analysis and so questions are not expected to be based on application of business analysis.

E) You will not face questions relating to techniques, used by senior business analysts. For example, Business model canvas, Balanced Scorecard, Business capability analysis etc.

F) As some of the knowledge areas have much higher weightage compared to others, you can easily strategize and be smart about your preparation.


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G) Focus on reading requirements gathering, design and modelling chapters from BABOK.

H) Prepare notes, the way you prefer it to be (e.g. Use your own notebook). Or, use our BABOK revision guide, which is simply a summarized version of BABOK and is meant specifically for quick revision.

Finally, wish you all the best for your exam preparation and exam.

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Techcanvass offers IT certification courses for professionals. We are an IIBA endorsed education provider (EEP), iSQI ATP (for Certified Agile Business Analyst Training) as well as Agile Testing alliance partner for CP-SAT certification training in Selenium.

ECBA Question Bank features

The key features of our question bank are as follows:

  • Separate questions set for chapter wise questions and Full length tests
  • Detailed analysis after test for answers and explanation
  • Reporting dashboard showing your overall progress
  • Reporting dashboard showing chapters/tests, where you are below the desired score

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