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Tips and Tricks to crack ECBA Exam in 1st attempt

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) in Canada grants the Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) accreditation. If the details, curriculum, and format of the ECBA Certification are unfamiliar to you, you can learn more about it here.

Getting ECBA Certified is a good idea if you are new to business analysis or want to verify your entry-level knowledge of the field.
In this article, let us take a look at important tip and tricks for clearing the ECBA exam on your first attempt.

ECBA Examination – Important information

Let us begin by outlining some crucial exam facts before we begin to offer tips and tricks.

1. The 50 multiple-choice questions (MCQ) on the ECBA exam must be answered in one hour.
2. Every question consists of four possible answers, and only one of them is right.
3. No negative marking is there.
4. The Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) serves as the foundation for the exam. Version 3 is the most recent edition.
5. The online test is proctored and administered by PSI.
6. You receive the exam results right away, but it could take a few hours for you to receive the official email.

ECBA Exam tips and tricks

Here are some suggestions and tricks to help you prepare for the ECBA exam as you get ready for it.

  1. The BABOK is the sole basis for the ECBA Exam. Even though the responses might not match the experiences encountered in the real world, they must all be founded on BABOK.
  2. There are no questions on the exam; instead, it is a concepts-based test that requires you to commit BABOK to memory. However, you need to commit a few things to memorize:
    • Inputs and Outputs
    • Elements
  1. It is not necessary to thoroughly study and grasp every chapter in the BABOK to pass the ECBA Exam. You can still solve the majority of the questions if you concentrate on the key chapters. You will save a lot of time using this approach, as you will only need to read about 50% of BABOK.
  2. You can schedule your preparation in this manner.

Chapter Name


Questions in exam

Number of pages to read

Business Analysis Key concepts



10 (P11-20)

Business Analysis and BA Profession



10 (P1-10)

Requirements Analysis and Design Definition



30 (P133-162)

Requirements Lifecycle Management



24 (P75-98)

Elicitation and Collaboration



22 (P53-74)




150 (P217-366)




246 Pages

Total number of pages comes out to be just 246 using this trick and this covers 90% of the syllabus.

5. more tip will help you save even more time. It’s not necessary to go over the Techniques chapter in great detail. Just pay attention to this: –

a.What are these techniques?

b. Why is this used?

6. Here’s another crucial preparation tip: use plain white paper to list all of the tasks (grouped by knowledge area) and their components. Then, practise each task every few days until you can recall it by heart.

7. Read the goal statement, description, and element details several times (I would suggest reading them two or three times), paying particular attention to how the tasks and their components relate to one another.

8. Use practice questions wisely until you reach a score of 70% or above. Try, nonetheless, to get at least 40–50 questions for each chapter.

9. The point at which you should cease practice, after you are confident in your ability to answer the questions accurately.

10. Last but not least, spend a week prior to your real exam date finishing the three full-length simulations.


To succeed in the ECBA exam, one must prepare strategically, be dedicated, and maintain focus. Your chances of passing the exam can be raised by understanding its format, applying the primary concepts from the BABOK, and using efficient study methods. Use practice questions carefully, go over important concepts frequently, and create exam-like scenarios to boost your confidence. It is possible to pass the ECBA exam on your first try if you prepare well and work consistently.

Are you ready to kickstart your ECBA preparation journey? If yes, then opt for the ECBA training course by Techcanvass.

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