Having spent 8 yrs in Travel domain, can I now become a business analyst?

Original question on QUORA :  
Will it be beneficial to do business analyst with background in travel operations of over 8 years experience?
It can be a good career choice because IT industry is always looking for professionals, who have strong domain knowledge. Domain knowledge, as you might know, refers to the knowledge and understanding of a particular industry. This skill is important, for interfacing with the customer (A travel industry company). Hardcore IT professionals are not very good at understanding business requirements.
So, consider the case of a travel company looking to automate a business process or to develop a new software. They will need a professional, who can really understand the requirements and communicate it to the tech team to get it developed. In this case, a travel industry professional with suitable analysts skills (read Business analyst skills) is an ideal choice.
This is true for any non-IT professional, looking to get into IT industry. Business Analysis is one of the ways to enter the industry.
It’s a coincidence that very recently I have come across a similar case. In fact. it’s a positive case study for you to know. A travel industry professional has successfully become a business analyst in an IT company.

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