How to get MS Project Certification?

How to get certified in Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project is a widely used project management tool designed to help businesses plan, schedule, and track project progress efficiently. As the demand for skilled project managers proficient in Microsoft Projects continues to grow, obtaining certification in this software has become increasingly significant. In this blog, we will explore the process of how to get Microsoft project certification and delve into the importance of holding this certification for both individuals and organizations.

How to obtain Microsoft Project Certification?

Acquiring Microsoft Project Certification involves a systematic process aimed at ensuring proficiency in the software. Here’s a general guide on how to obtain this certification:

Step1: Identify your certification goal:

Determine the specific Microsoft Project Certification that aligns with your career goals. Microsoft offers various certifications, each catering to different skill levels and roles within project management.

Step2: Study and prepare:

Engage in comprehensive study materials and training resources. Consider official Microsoft training courses, online tutorials, and practice exams to enhance your understanding of Microsoft Project features and functionalities.

Step3: Schedule and take the exam:

Once adequately prepared, schedule your certification exam. Microsoft Project Exams are typically conducted through authorized testing centres or online platforms. Be sure to review the exam objectives and practice extensively before taking the actual test.

Step4: Maintain and renew your certification:

After successfully obtaining Microsoft Project Certification, it’s essential to stay informed about updates and changes in the software. Microsoft often releases new versions, and maintaining your certification may involve periodic renewal exams or participating in relevant continuing education activities.

By following these general steps, individuals can navigate the process of obtaining Microsoft Project Certification, ensuring a solid foundation in project management with the software.

Significance of Microsoft Project Certification

Microsoft Project Certification holds significant value for both employees and employers in the realm of project management. Here’s a brief discussion of the benefits of each:

For employees:

Employability: In a job market where Microsoft Project is widely used (as indicated by the reported 92% usage in companies), having certification becomes a key differentiator. It enhances employability by showcasing specific skills that are in high demand.

Continuous Learning: The certification process involves training and testing, encouraging continuous learning. This ensures that employees stay updated on the latest features and functionalities of Microsoft Project, aligning their skills with industry standards.

Job Security: In dynamic industries, having a recognized certification can contribute to job security. It demonstrates adaptability to evolving technologies and a commitment to professional growth, making employees valuable assets to their organizations.

For employers:

Talent Acquisition: Certification becomes a valuable criterion for talent acquisition. When hiring, employers can prioritize candidates with Microsoft Project Certification, ensuring they have a pool of individuals with proven expertise in project management.

Standardized Skill Assessment: Microsoft Project Certification provides a standardized way for employers to assess the skills of potential hires. It serves as a benchmark for proficiency in using the software, streamlining the hiring process.

Efficient Project Teams: With a team of certified professionals, employers can expect more efficient project teams. Certified individuals are likely to have a common understanding of best practices, leading to smoother collaboration and project execution.

Industry Reputation: Companies with a workforce holding Microsoft Project Certifications can enhance their industry reputation. It signals a commitment to excellence in project management practices, potentially attracting clients who value skilled and certified teams.

Microsoft Project Certification is a win-win for both employees and employers. It equips individuals with a competitive advantage in the job market, while also assuring employers of the competence and efficiency of their project management teams. As organizations continue to rely on tools like Microsoft Project, having certified professionals becomes increasingly valuable for successful project outcomes.

How can Techcanvass help you obtain MS Project Certification? 

Techcanvass offers a comprehensive MS Project Certification Training course to facilitate your journey in mastering both basic and advanced concepts. Here’s how our course can help you:

Structured Learning Path: Our course provides a well-organized curriculum, guiding you from foundational to advanced MS Project concepts.

Hands-on Training: Gain practical insights through hands-on training, allowing you to apply learned skills in real-world project scenarios.

Flexibility and Accessibility: Learn at your own pace with the flexibility of accessing course materials anytime, anywhere for a year, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of industry professionals, including our course expert, Anusha Mohan, a PMP-certified Project Manager with extensive experience.

Proficiency Certificate: Upon completion, receive a proficiency certificate, validating your competence in MS Project and boosting your professional credentials.

Enroll now and elevate your project management skills with Techcanvass!


In conclusion, Microsoft Project Certification offers significant advantages for individuals and organizations in the dynamic realm of project management. For employees, certification boosts employability, fosters continuous learning, and ensures job security. Employers benefit from streamlined talent acquisition, standardized skill assessment, and the assurance of efficient project teams. As businesses increasingly depend on tools like Microsoft Project, having certified professionals becomes a strategic asset for achieving successful project outcomes. The certification process encompasses goal identification, thorough study and preparation, exam scheduling, and the commitment to ongoing learning. This certification is a valuable investment for those seeking career advancement and organizations striving for excellence in project management.

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