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Try these free IIBA AAC sample questions taken out from our extensive Question Bank designed for Agile Analysis Certification (IIBA®-AAC). These 20 questions are based on the latest Agile Extension v2 exam pattern, featuring scenarios and cases for a comprehensive evaluation. Each question has one correct answer. Click on the SUBMIT button to finish your test. You can see the answers and explanations after you finish the test.

Our AAC Question Bank is aligned with the latest edition of Agile Extension v2 and IIBA exam pattern. The AAC Question Bank simulator comes with the following features:

  • 500+ Questions and Drills
  • Warm-up questions (chapter-wise)
  • Full-length Simulated Tests
  • Answers with Explanations
  • Performance Reporting Dashboard

Additionally, we offer –

  • AAC Flashcards encompassing 100+ terms
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Matchmaking Exercises

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As a business analysis practitioner, you moved to a different organization in the same role. What remains intact in the context of various horizons (Strategy, Initiative, Delivery)?
As a business analyst, you would like to discover how the use of the recently launched product might have changed and what will be the most valuable thing to do next. Where will you find the relevant information?
The management of ABCL wishes to re-prioritize the items in the backlog as communicated during the backlog refinement meeting. How should team take this ahead?
One of the stakeholders, Robert, is very keen on helping the Business analyst in writing the requirements. He feels that he can actually add value by writing requirements. He is well aware of the business perspective as well as the expected accomplishment of the features. Which Techniques can be suggested to Robert?
Kanban is a framework that helps in the application of agile values and principles. Which are the key focus areas of Kanban?
Which of the following is correct about velocity?
Cost of change curve is an economic driver for the planning workshop. In the iterative planning approach, what is the assumption made about the cost of change?
An economic driver for predictive planning is the … curve.
At ___ Horizon, the decision of organization is on allocation of resources for the initiatives, products and services.
In __ planning, the resistance to change is significantly lesser because fewer details are available to be changed.
A business analyst is in the process of developing scenarios for a few processes for a new application. To get feedbacks from the stakeholders, he wanted to create visual models. The BA shortlisted formal prototyping as the preferred technique. However, the project manager asked him to consider other techniques as the project has limited budget. Which of the following techniques can be used?
You are working on an Agile project as a Business Analyst and you are engaging the stakeholders in prioritizing the backlog. This is an example of:
'Increase the cross-selling and up-selling of products by integrating multiple product views and allowing sales team to access the unified view of the customer relationship.'Above statement is an example of?
A team is considering all the features, which need to be delivered. The priority of the delivery is already captured as an attribute. Which of the following horizons, the team is in?
A team is brainstorming a few ideas for improving a supply chain process. There are a few grey areas to be still sorted out. However, the stakeholders want the team to start working on it as the company wants it to go Live as soon as possible. However the business analyst wants to have all the steps clarified before getting it implemented. Which Agile analysis principle is being followed here?
Romie is discussing with the team about the user experience of making a purchase on a website. Based on the suggestions finalized, the workflow will undergo a change, which is already finalized. The team is applying an agile principle, which is?
Minimum viable product (MVP) and Minimum marketable features (MMF) are two of the terms related to the release planning in Agile environment. Which of the following best describes the difference between the two?
A project team is executing a project using the Agile approach and is brainstorming to establish criteria so that requirements for every iteration can be chosen easily without any delays.The brainstorming session resulted in the following approaches. Which one do you think is the right approach?
A team is working on refining some of the user stories. They have interviewed the concerned stakeholders and have captured details of the stories. Now, they are not sure how much refinement needs to be done for these. When is the refinement complete?
Agile business analysis practitioners prioritize identifying solutions, which deliver value incrementally to the customer. The use of behaviour driven development (BDD) helps in achieving this goal. How does BDD achieve it?

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AAC Exam Questions

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