Is Jira certification worth it?

Is Jira Certification worth it?

Jira certification is an official acknowledgment of an individual’s competency in using Jira, the project management tool, confirming their skills in tasks such as project management, workflow setting, and reporting inside the Jira environment. 

Atlassian, the firm behind Jira, provides a variety of certification programs for various skill levels and responsibilities, including Jira Administrator, Jira Software, and Jira Service Management certifications.

In the industry, Jira certification is essential since it provides verifiable evidence of a person’s proficiency with the Jira tool. In addition to improving job prospects by making a candidate more appealing to companies looking for qualified workers, certification also increases a candidate’s reputation because it establishes them as an authority in their field. Also, companies gain a great deal from hiring qualified experts who know how to use Jira effectively, which increases output and streamlines project management procedures.

Types of Jira Certifications available

1. Jira Administrator Certification (ACP 100):


  • Focuses on configuring workflows, field configurations, and custom fields.
  • Covers both Data Center/Server and Cloud versions.
  • Ideal for individuals interested in the backend and behind-the-scenes aspects of Jira.

2. Jira Software Certification (ACP 600, 610, 620):


  • Emphasizes front-end usage of Jira for delivering software and business value.
  • Suitable for Scrum Masters and those involved in using Jira for effective project management.
  • ACP 600, ACP 610, and ACP 620 are variations within this certification series.

3. Jira Service Management Certification (ACP 420):


  • Specifically designed for IT professionals managing Jira Service Management projects.
  • Focuses on IT Service Management (ITSM) and covers unique configurations related to service management.
  • Available only for the Cloud version of Jira.

Top 7 key benefits of Jira Certification

Some of the benefits of getting JIRA certification are listed below;

1. Enhanced Skills and Knowledge:

I. Customizable Workflows:

  • Certification ensures a deep understanding of Jira’s customizable workflows.
  • Proficiency in tailoring workflows to suit specific project requirements.

II. Agile Reporting:

  • In-depth knowledge of agile reporting features.
  • Ability to leverage Jira for efficient tracking and reporting in agile methodologies.

III. Real-time Collaboration:

  • Mastery of real-time collaboration features in Jira.
  • Skill in facilitating seamless communication among team members.

2. Credibility and Recognition:

I. Industry-Recognized Credential:

  • Jira Certification serves as an industry-recognized credential.
  • Enhances professional credibility and establishes a benchmark for expertise.

II. Validation of Proficiency:

  • Validates proficiency in using Jira for project administration.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to mastering relevant project management tools.

3. Competitive Advantage:

I. Job Market Relevance:

  • Positions individuals as highly relevant in the job market.
  • Provides a competitive edge over peers who may not have Jira Certification.

II. Employer Confidence:

  • Employers are more likely to have confidence in candidates with recognized certifications.
  • Increases the likelihood of securing job opportunities and promotions.

4. Improved Project Management Practices:

I. Efficient Task Monitoring:

  • Jira Certification equips project managers with the skills to efficiently monitor tasks.
  • Enables better tracking, assignment, and management of project responsibilities.

II. Adaptability to Change:

  • Customizable workflows and agile reporting features empower teams to adapt to changing project requirements.
  • Enhances the ability to handle dynamic project environments.

5. Collaboration and Teamwork:

I. Enhanced Communication:

  • Certification emphasizes real-time collaboration features in Jira.
  • Improves communication within teams, fostering a collaborative work environment.

II. Streamlined Collaboration:

  • Efficient use of Jira tools for collaborative project planning and execution.
  • Facilitates smoother collaboration among team members.

6. Organizational Efficiency:

I. Streamlined Workflows:

  • Jira Certification leads to the implementation of streamlined workflows.
  • Improves overall organizational efficiency in task management.

II. Reduced Error Rates:

  • Enhanced skills contribute to reduced error rates in project tracking and reporting.
  • Increases the accuracy and reliability of project-related data.

7. Continuous Learning and Development:

I. Staying Updated:

  • Continuous learning is encouraged through the need for certification renewal.
  • Professionals stay updated on the latest Jira features and industry best practices.

II. Adapting to New Technologies:

  • Positions professionals to adapt to new technologies within the Jira ecosystem.
  • Encourages a mindset of continuous improvement and learning.

Why is Jira Certification beneficial for your career?

Jira certification is beneficial for your career for several reasons, contributing to career growth and potentially leading to salary increments. The certification validates your expertise in using Jira, a widely adopted project management and issue-tracking tool. Here’s how it can impact your career:

  • Jira certification serves as a tangible validation of your proficiency in utilizing the Jira tool, and demonstrating your skills to employers and peers.
  • Employers often seek certified professionals, viewing them as individuals with demonstrated expertise and a commitment to best practices. This can open up new and advanced career opportunities.
  • Industry reports suggest that professionals with Jira certifications, especially in roles like Jira Administrators, often command higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts. The certification can be a contributing factor to salary increments.
  • According to a survey conducted in 2021, 73% of Atlassian Certified individuals reported that certification increased their job prospects. This underscores the positive impact of Jira certification on career advancement.


In conclusion, A Jira certification from Atlassian provides prospects for professional advancement as well as a thorough grasp of the project management application. It addresses a range of duties and skill sets, fostering both individual growth and corporate effectiveness. It’s an essential investment because of its competitive edge, credibility, and opportunity for ongoing development.

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