Top Agile Blogs & Websites to follow in 2022

Learning is a continuous and never-ending process. It goes without saying that one needs to keep updating his/her knowledge in the chosen field, especially a dynamic one, to be effective and possibly innovative. Agile is one such discipline that keeps evolving at a reasonable pace and hence agile practitioners must always be on their toes to be relevant and perform their role effectively.

Agile blogs act as a valuable source of the latest and most up-to-date information on various subject areas from experienced professionals. It facilitates and empowers agile practitioners in their line of work. In this article, we’ll look at some of the top Agile Blogs to follow in order to improve your agile game.

The Agile Analysis Certification (AAC) Course from Techcanvass will help you improve your skills and knowledge by focusing on applying an agile mindset within a business analysis framework.

Here are a few informative top agile blogs to follow that focus and provide detailed information as well as practical guidance on various essential agile concepts –

Top 10 Agile Blogs and Websites to Follow

Roman Pichler’s Blog


Roman Pichler is a product management expert which rich experience in digital products and agile practices. His informative blogs are on key topics such as product vision & strategy, product roadmap, product backlog, process (product discovery, agile, scrum). Apart from enlightening blogs, Roman shares his knowledge through his training courses & consulting services, product management books, podcast & talks, and product management tools, including his widely used product vision board.

Mountain Goat Software


One of the best agile blogs on most important agile topics having practical and actionable advice, tips, and guidance for creating effective agile teams. The content is created by Mike Cohn who has been building high-performing software development teams and organizations through the use of agile and scrum for over 20 years. The blogs are on various essential agile topics and have links to necessary presentations and videos. In addition to invaluable blogs, Mike provides in-person training, coaching, and online video courses too.

URL –, the Home of Scrum, was founded by Scrum co-creator Ken Schwaber with an aim to enable people to apply Professional Scrum through training courses, certifications, and ongoing learning. enables agile practitioners to grow over time with ongoing learning opportunities and resources with community members sharing knowledge through blogs, case studies, guides, podcasts, videos, webcasts, whitepapers, and other resources.

Scrum Alliance – Agile Matters


Scrum Alliance has been supporting the agile movement as a non-profit certifying body in the agile space since 2001. It aims to nurture the agile movement by providing professional education courses and certifications. Furthermore, it is dedicated to serving the member community that involves beginners as well as experienced professionals through a curated collection of resources that comprises articles, collections, videos, and webinars.



Atlassian Agile Coach houses innumerable articles on various agile topics. The articles are devised in an uncomplicated manner .hence, are fairly easy to absorb as well as put into operation. There are a whole bunch of articles that associate with practical examples and tips. The articles are supplemented with related tutorials in order to facilitate enhanced understanding. Some of the articles are also accompanied by videos from agile experts.

Agile Alliance


Agile Alliance is a global non-profit membership organization that carries out various activities in order to advance the breadth & depth of agile thereby providing value to the Agile Community. So, The wealth of resources on the site include the latest articles from the Agile community (covering how-to guides, best practices, etc.), webcasts, videos, podcasts, research papers, and more. Hence, there are some benefits that are available only for members like specific learning materials and participation in networking events.

Dzone Agile Zone


DZone is one of the world’s largest online communities and a leading publisher of knowledge resources for technology professionals. Dzone Agile zone ranks among the top agile blogs that provide guidance and useful tips for beginners as well as experienced agile practitioners. Besides enlightening blogs, there is a vast collection of tools and resources that agile teams can put to good use.

Fun Retrospectives


Fun Retrospectives helps get the best out of agile teams by making the processes and practices exciting and enjoyable. It also provides teams with great ideas, activities, and tools to effectively connect and improve. This blog is filled with interesting activities and ideas to engage the agile teams. The motive is to make more effective during agile retrospectives, team-building, and other processes/practices.



Leading Agile provides a unique mix of service offerings designed in order to help organizations define, implement, and sustain agile transformation. It provides the foundation order to implement a change management approach, helps build the necessary infrastructure. Hence, It is to find, hire & develop people, and assists in creating innovative new products & solutions. LeadingAgile contains a lot of useful resources like articles, case studies, podcasts, videos, webinars, and whitepapers.

10. Easy Agile


Easy Agile contains a wealth of information in the form of blogs on various essential agile topics. It involves Jira, PI planning, Personas, Product Management, SAFe, Scrum, and more. It houses a few really beneficial products like User story maps, Programs, Personas, and Roadmaps that are available for a free trial on the Atlassian marketplace. Events and webinars on agile best practices and easy agile products are a big plus.

You can check out our official IIBA AAC Certification Blog Page, where you can find bite-sized articles about the top agile blogs to follow.


Learning from these blogs shall ensure that you are on top of new concepts in the world of agile. You will be continuously improving. The practical advice and guidance shall facilitate enhanced understanding and application into real project setups. In case you are following a blog that is not listed here. If you have found it to be beneficial then please share in the comments so that the whole agile community can benefit from it.

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