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What is your experience with analyzing and documenting the business processes?

Experience with analysing and documenting the business processes

Objective of this question is to gauge your experience and ability on process modelling. Process modelling is one of the most important skills for a business analyst. So, how should you answer this question?

Answer to this question

I have used process modelling in couple of my projects, I have been involved as a business analyst. Even though I know UML and DFD modelling techniques, we used simple flow charts to model the processes as our customer wanted it that way. (You can, of course, choose to replace this answer with the techniques you are most comfortable with)

So, in the first project, which was a Loan application and approval system, we started by creating the top level context diagram (a DFD terminology) to showcase the modules of the system and the interactions amongst them.

Next up, we decomposed the modules to identify the key features/functions of each module. In the first attempt, the features list was not exhaustive, we actually kept on modifying it later as well.

Once the features were identified, we described the scenarios. Scenarios were basically step by step description about – how the function was going to get completed. This gave us the inputs for creating process diagrams. We modelled them using the flow charts. In one of the projects, some of the steps at this level, needed further decomposition and hence we went to the next level of decomposition.

In case, the interviewer would like to dig deeper he/she may ask you to draw one of these diagrams and you should be in a position to do so.

If you would like to know more about Process modelling, you can watch this video to know more about it . In this case, you will learn about process modelling using UML diagrams. (It’s a recording of the webinar on Requirements modelling using UML)

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