Why CBAP Certification is a must for business Analysts

Why CBAP Certification is a must for Business Analysts

In this blog post, we will examine why CBAP certification is a must for business analysts? In order to understand that, we should know a little bit more about CBAP.

Certified Business analysis professional (CBAP) is a certification awarded by International Institute of business analysis (IIBA). CBAP is regarded as the gold standard for business analysis certifications.

Let’s consider the top reasons why CBAP certification is a must for business analysts?

Global recognition

IIBA has global recognition and they are continuously working on promoting and advancing business analysis profession. The local chapters in cities as well as events organised by IIBA, helps it reach a much wider community across the world.

CBAP, being an IIBA certification automatically gets the recognition.

Tough exam to clear

CBAP certification is arguably the toughest business analysis certification examination. The questions are complex and it takes a lot of preparation to clear the exam. The questions are not direct and are based on application of concepts and that makes it tougher.

IIBA does not publish the passing percentage but you have clear each of the six knowledge areas separately to clear the exam and that makes it even more difficult.

The complexity and difficulty level enhances the reputation of CBAP certification.

CBAP certified professionals get higher salary

IIBA conducts salary survey every year and the survey reveals that CBAP certified professionals have higher compensation, earn up to 13% more being CBAP certified.

Showcase your skills

One of the most important aspect of being CBAP certified is that It demonstrates you have the knowledge, competencies and experience as a highly effective business analysis professional. Your profile stands out to employers by showcasing your dedication towards your skills and career.

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