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We publish weekly drills based on BABOK v3 as preparation resources for CBAP, CCBA and ECBA exams. This week, we have published 3 drills and here are the three drills.

Every week, we will publish new questions for practice and revising your preparation. Each question is provided with answer and explanation.

CBAP Practice Question

First BABOKDrill for the week was CBAP certification question. This question is taken from our CBAP Question Bank.

You can access the question by clicking on the image below.

BABOKDrills CBAP Mock Question

BABOK Crossword Puzzle

Second drill of the week was a crossword puzzle. All the mock questions and drills are part of our BABOKDrills package.

The instructions to solve the crossword puzzle is given on the page.

BABOKDrills Crossword Puzzle

ECBA Mock Question

The 3rd BABOKDrill of the week was ECBA Mock question. This ECBA exam question is taken from our ECBA Question bank. You can try more questions by clicking on free trial button on that page.

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