ECBA Examination by IIBA

ECBA Certification examination update

This post is written to provide information update on ECBA Certification examination by IIBA. IIBA ECBA Certification is the level 1 certification for business analysts and is in force from September 30, 2016. This certification does not need any experience as a business analyst unlike CCBA and CBAP certifications.

ECBA Examination mode

This is an update for all Business Analyst certification aspirants for ECBA certification exam. The ECBA examination is going to be conducted in a LIVE and monitored environment. You can take the exam from anywhere, you just need to have the following:

  • Stable Broadband Connection
  • Webcam
  • Microphone

ECBA Exam compatibility check

If you would like to know if your computer and connection are compatible for the ECBA exam by IIBA, please visit this link:

IIBA ECBA Exam compatibility check

ECBA Exams conducted by PSI

As per the latest update by IIBA, the ECBA exam will be conducted by PSI Services LLC, a California based assessment organization.


To know more about the ECBA Exam through PSI, you can visit the following link:

ECBA PSI examination FAQ


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