AI Rules and Data Protection Top Tech’s List for Next Govt

AI Rules and Data Protection Top Tech’s List for Next Govt

According to recent reports, many tech experts are suggesting and highlighting key tasks for the IT ministry after the recent elections. Their main focus is on the following 3 crucial areas

  1. DPDP Rules: It refers to the digital personal data protection rules, which are required for enforcing the DPDP Act, which was earlier passed in August 2023. The act is responsible for protecting people’s data. However, without these rules, the law can’t be fully implemented and effective. Businesses need time for preparing these new rules and hence the tech experts want the government to act quickly. 
  2. DIB (Digital India Bill): This bill is going to replace the earlier IT Act from 2000. It aims to highlight modern challenges such as the responsibility of internet platforms, fake news, and even deep fake content. However, as per news, the DIB is still in its early stage, and there hasn’t been a public draft yet. Tech experts want the government to look into this bill as soon as possible. 
  3. Regulating Artificial Intelligence (AI): With AI becoming increasingly popular among industries, the government is expected to look into how it is going to impact jobs, data protection, and other important areas. The EU has passed a law for artificial intelligence, and India is looking to learn from this. 

In conclusion, the text experts want the new government to focus on protecting personal data, updating internet laws, and finally carefully regulating artificial intelligence for better innovation and protecting consumers.

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