Business Analyst Tutorial for beginners

Business Analysis Tutorials for beginners

Business Analysis tutorials (Videos)

In this business analysis tutorial for beginners, you will learn the basics of business analysis. These tutorials are simple to understand and even if you are a non-it professional, you should be able to follow it.

These videos are uploaded on our Youtube channel as well but in this tutorial for beginners, they have been arranged in a sequence.

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Business Analyst Tutorial topics

In this business analysis tutorial for beginners, following topics are included:
Tutorial I:  Software development process for beginners (Non-IT professionals)
Tutorial II: Understanding Software development process with a case study
Tutorial III: Software Development Life Cycle methodologies (SDLC) basics
Tutorial IV: Requirements Analysis and Modelling with UML diagrams
Tutorial V: Verification and Validation

Software development process for beginners

In this video, we have used construction of a house to explain the software development process. You will find it pretty simple to understand the concepts explained in this video. This class recording is a representative of our approach to teach.

Understanding Software development process with a case study

The second part of business analyst tutorial series discusses the phases of a software development methodology with the help of a simple application. Explained in a simple of understand language, it familiarizes you software development process using industry jargons.

Software Development Life cycle Methodologies (SDLC Basics)

In this video, you will learn the basics of software development methodologies including waterfall, Agile and others. These methodologies are used to develop software applications and understanding their pros and cons is an important part of every business analyst skills.

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Requirements Analysis and Modelling with UML diagrams

In the previous tutorial, we discussed the some of the most used SDLC methodologies. Having understood that, the next step is to discuss, how do business analyst gather, analyse and model the requirements.
A business analyst can make use of multiple diagrams like Use cases, Activity Diagrams and Sequence diagrams. Using these diagrams along with prototypes, a business analyst develops the System Requirements Specifications (SRS) document.

You can check out another case study on use case.

Verification and Validation

Verification and validation are integral part of software development process. Business analysts play an important role in these activities.
In this tutorial, you will learn about the verification and validation activities. You will also learn how are they conducted?

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