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Business Analytics tutorial part 2

Business Analytics tutorial part 2

Business Analytics is one of the most promising career paths for every professional. It’s not just meant for IT professionals. In this business analytics tutorial, the speaker talks about business analytics basics to help you get started.
This video is a recording of online webinar conducted by Techcanvass. Techcanvass conducted an online webinar on basics of business analytics covering fundamentals of analytics, business analytics tools and techniques.
Two case studies are discussed in the video. These two case studies were used in this analytics tutorial to explain the application of business analytics. You can use this tutorial, if you are new to business analytics and would like to understand the basics, prior to making a decision about entering this field.
The topics covered in this tutorial are as follows:

  • Business Analytics basics
  • Business analytics skills
  • Stages of business analytics including predictive analytics
  • Tools and techniques
  • Real-life case study

The recording of the webinar is as shown below:

In part 1 of this tutorial series, the speaker discussed about the career options in business analytics. Watch it below:
Business Analytics basics tutorial and career options
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