The AI Disconnect: Trusting the Potential, Doubting the Data

Survey Reveals C-Suite Execs Confident in AI Potential, Yet Struggle with Strategy, Execution, and Reliability

A survey by NewtonX for Teradata reports that while the executives of C-suite trust the AI’s potential, a majority feel there are certain challenges in strategy alignment and data readiness. 

Moreover, according to a poll conducted among executives and leaders in AI jobs, 61% of respondents trust AI outputs, but 40% have doubts about the accuracy of the data they use.

Then, about 70% of execs feel that the AI strategy that they have adopted is not aligned with their business goals, which further highlights a gap between the practical implementation and AI’s potential. 

Even with these obstacles, 89% of respondents think AI is essential for competitiveness, yet only 56% say they have a defined AI strategy. 

According to the survey, just 12% of AI implementations are successful in being deployed across the entire organization. Executives are aware of how AI may improve customer experience and productivity, but they place a higher priority on streamlining internal processes to reduce risks. 

Lack of funding, inadequate infrastructure, and a lack of technical expertise are the main obstacles to growing AI programmes. The results highlight how crucial it is to have objective, reliable data, a clear strategic direction, and efficient communication in order to fully utilize AI in businesses. 

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