What Is the Average CBAP Certification Salary?

The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) is for working professionals in the field of business analysis. CBAP is a widely accepted certification both in BA-related job requirements by employers and as an indicator of competency in business analysis by peers. CBAP certification salary in India, like any other job role, is determined by a variety of factors such as company size, reputation, location, work experience, and educational qualification.

What is CBAP and who should take it?

The CBAP Certification Training is issued by the IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis™) which also publishes the BABOK, which is widely regarded as a comprehensive resource of business analysis knowledge and techniques for new and established business analysts alike.

A CBAP certification is ideal for professionals who wish to establish themselves as highly effective and experienced in the field of business analysis. It is a validation that the holder has enough expertise in business analysis and is equipped to handle complex business dilemmas and initiatives. It also helps boost one’s resume as many business analysis jobs have the CBAP® certification as a must-have requirement. Naturally, some job roles are well aligned with what the certification offers, like:

  • Business Analysts
  • Product Owners
  • Product Managers
  • Consultants and Trainers in the fields of Business Analysis
  • CCBA® certification holders and >7500 hours of professional experience in the knowledge areas as outlined in the BABoK
  • Any professional with >7500 hours of professional experience in the knowledge areas as outlined in the BABoK

If you wish to learn more about CBAP Certification, check out our blogs related to CBAP Certification Details and gain powerful insights.

It is not necessary to have a designation of business analyst to be eligible for the certification, but there are other eligibility conditions that must be fulfilled. Eligibility criteria can be found at Senior Business Analysis Certification CBAP | IIBA®

Who is a CBAP?

A certified business analysis professional (CBAP) is someone who has gained the CBAP certification after passing the comprehensive  CBAP exam. The CBAP certification is offered by the reputed International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). A CBAP certification verifies and demonstrates the holder’s experience and knowledge to identify and analyze the different needs of an organization

A CBAP holder is responsible for developing vital solutions that will help the organizations achieve their goals and maximize the benefits. Two of the most suitable candidates for the CBAP certification program are business analysts and systems analysts. 

What are the benefits of CBAP Certification?

The candidates become reputed members of a professional group after clearing the CBAP exam.

High Salary

CBAP professionals generally earn more than their uncertified peers. Also, on average a CBAP will earn more than other BAs across industries.


Thorough knowledge of the IIBA® BABoK v3 is necessary to crack the CBAP examination. This allows the experienced professional to familiarize oneself with the terminology and concepts of business analysis. It also allows the professional to apply the vast knowledge of the BABoK in their project deliverables and activities.

Globally Accepted and Recognized

The CBAP® badge makes you stand out more in the sea of business analysis professionals. It gives you industry recognition and demonstrates your capability in the field of business analysis globally.

Good Job Opportunities

Many business analysis jobs require a CBAP as a must. It also makes your profile stand out compared to others as it is a highly recognizable certification in business analysis circles and multiple geographies and industries. As a result, you can find a wide range of CBAP Certification salary opportunities in various industries. 

How CBAP Certified BA Professionals earn significantly higher?

CBAP is one of the fastest-growing careers worldwide and as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, CBAP certified professionals have an all-time high growth rate of 14% in comparison to the 5% average growth rate of any profession. 

Moreover, according to a salary survey report 2020 by IIBA, a certified CBAP professional can earn 59% more than non-certified business analysis professionals. 

Therefore, investing in becoming a certified business analyst through a CBAP certification not only expands your knowledge of the industry’s best practices but also enhances your financial as well as professional growth. 

Is CBAP Certification worth it for an average BA?

A CBAP certification acts as proof that an average BA possesses all the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel as a business analyst and carry out all their duties and responsibilities with the utmost professionalism, and by implementing the best business analysis practices. Earning a CBAP certification can help an average BA to gain access to better job opportunities, CBAP Certification salary is much higher compared to other certification, and get global recognition in the field. 

Are you eligible for CBAP?

There are certain requirements that you must meet in order to qualify for the CBAP examination. You can check out the eligibility criteria here:

  • Requirement of 10 years of experience in the business analysis along with a minimum of 7500 hours of work experience as a business analyst within the 10 years.
  • 900 hours in 4 of the 6 of the BABOK® Guide Knowledge Areas (Total of 3600 hours out of the minimum 7500 hours) 
  • The candidate must have earned 35 hours of professional development units (PDUs within the last 4 years. 
  • Provide two references from a colleague, client, manager, or CBAP recipient. 

Why do top-notch companies prefer employing CBAP Certified BA Professionals?

Top-notch companies usually prefer professionals who are certified as business analysts and hold industry-recognized certifications. CBAP is one such globally recognized BA certification that validates the candidate’s knowledge and skills in business analysis. A few reasons why CBAP professionals are more preferred than non-certified professionals are as follows:

  • CBAP certification adds credibility for the BA professional. 
  • CBAP is accredited by IIBA, which is a globally reputed body for the business analysis domain.
  • A Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) acts as proof of the candidate’s hard work and commitment to prepare and clear one of the most difficult CBAP examinations. 

CBAP Certification salary and jobs

According to the salary survey report by IIBA, the average salary for a CBAP certified professional is $121,364 (USD) annually. Alternatively, the salary range for a non-certified business analyst is $104,502 (USD) annually. 

Now, let’s take a look at some statistics referring to CBAP salaries as per different roles.

Role Range  Average salary (INR)
Business Analyst, IT ₹294k – ₹2m ₹746,005
Senior Business Analyst ₹453k – ₹3m ₹1,274,601
Lead Business Analyst ₹230k – ₹3m ₹1,741,857
Sr. Business Analyst (Computer Software/Hardware/Systems) ₹520k – ₹2m ₹1,200,000
Business Analyst (Unspecified Type) ₹276k – ₹1m ₹775,000
Business Analyst, Finance/Banking ₹750k – ₹2m ₹900,000
Business Consultant ₹302k – ₹3m ₹1,630,000


In conclusion, the CBAP Certification is a highly sought-out certification for working professionals in the business analysis space with proven benefits. At the very least, you get access to a vast body of knowledge and a community. It helps improve your business analysis skills, and with a good probability for higher pay and better opportunities.

Imagine commanding an income that is 25% more, having complete faith in your skills, and displaying industry-leading knowledge. Our CBAP certification course offers access to a vast global network of business analysts, advancing your career to new heights. But that’s not all. Say goodbye to job market rivalry because leading sectors like government, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, banking/finance/insurance, information technology, consulting/professional services, and consulting are actively looking for CBAP-certified experts. Here is where your path to professional development, industry recognition, and personal growth begins. Don’t wait—take advantage of the chance to get certified in our CBAP certification today and invest in your future! Your narrative of achievement is waiting.

CBAP Certification training


Is CBAP certification valuable?

A CBAP certification is a valuable business analysis certification that can help you earn 14% more than non-certified professionals. 

How much does a CBAP make?

A CBAP make an average annual salary of  $121,364 (USD)

How long does it take to get CBAP certification?

CBAP certification preparation typically takes around 3-4 months, which translates to 180-240 hours of total preparation. You must set aside 2-3 hours or more every day for CBAP exam preparation. 

How much does CBAP certification cost?

The application cost for the CBAP certification is $125 (USD), while the examination cost is as follows:
1. IIBA members- $325 (USD)
2. Non-IIBA members- $450 (USD) 
You can apply for IIBA membership at $95 (USD)

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