How I aced CBAP exam

How I aced the CBAP exam

How I aced the CBAP exam – In this article, Satheesh S is sharing his experience. He is going to describe his preparation approach and strategy for getting CBAP certified this year.

Getting CBAP certified is one of the high points in every Business analyst’s career. CBAP is the most respected business analysis certification. 

However, it requires good amount of preparation before you can clear it. So knowing the success stories of CBAP certified professionals is important and can help you plan your preparation strategy.

Disclaimer: This article no way suggests or claims that Satheesh S did any course with Techcanvass. This article is for sharing the successful professional’s experiences so that you can use that for your benefit. 

What you will read below is Satheesh’s story of – How I aced the CBAP exam?

My CBAP preparation Strategy

I did the primary research on the web to find out about CBAP exam experiences. Everyone had their own strategy , few took 3 months, few prepared for 6+ months, reading babok 5+ times etc….

From all their experiences, I realized that just reading BABOK or skimming the contents will be a futile exercise as most of the CBAP questions will be scenario based.

So I formulated the strategy of reading BABOK ( relating with real use cases). For example, if the topic was Solution Evaluation – from the BA experience which I have mustered for the years – I visualized about the existing solution in place and when I read all tasks/elements – I will apply my learning on my current application, so in that case , it will be easy for me to relate or remember things.

To an extent, we need to mug up few of the inputs and outputs, but relating it with real cases will help us remember it better. And this exercise, will also help us to answer all scenario based questions with ease.

When I say Scenario based questions, I also include the case study based questions. The difference is that case study based questions are long and needs to be read twice to be able to answer the 4-5 questions based on them.

My Total Effort for CBAP Preparation

My total effort for CBAP preparation was 90+ hours. Safe to say that you need around 100 hours of preparation time.

I spent 5 hours each for knowledge areas and around 20 hours for Techniques and most of the time on solving mock questions and refreshing the concepts from BABOK.

Materials used for CBAP Preparation

Study materials used : BABOK V3.0 from IIBA, Watermark Learning ( Exam Simulator, 1 month package), Simplilearn online course ( for PDU’s).

My Success Mantra

There is no HOLY GRAIL to clear CBAP exam. You will have to love BA profession & BABOK concepts and start visualizing each part , half battle won 🙂

P.S : Just in case, if you lack real BA experience or cannot think about any real case scenarios – Get mentored by folks who can inspire you to dream and achieve!

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About Myself

I am a CBAP Certified Business Analyst with around 10 years of experience working on large system Implementation projects. These verticals include – Core Banking (SAP), Telecommunication, Global Mobility Solutions and Software License Management and have experience dabbling in all happening technologies (CRM, SAP, Datawarehousing, Mobility et al.).

I have exceptional interest and knowledge in business processes and possess the ability to understand the chain of events both on a process level as well as on a technical level.

He can be reached at, in case you would like to know on how to prepare for CBAP.

More Resources for CBAP preparation

You can read a structured CBAP preparation approach based on feedbacks from many CBAP certified professionals, who would like to remain anonymous.

You can also take a test comprising CBAP exam questions based on latest pattern.

About Techcanvass

Techcanvass is an IIBA Canada Endorsed education provider (EEP) and an iSQI Germany Authorized Training centre. We provider CBAP, CCBA, AAC and ECBA certification programs. All our programs comprises of training sessions, question bank and study material along with other resources.

You can check out our CBAP preparation course for a comprehensive and structured CBAP preparation comprising of training, question bank as well as preparation support, till you appear for the exam.

CBAP on demand Course


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