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CCBA Mock Test – Questions & Answers with Explanations

Try these CCBA Exam questions based on the latest IIBA CCBA Certification exam. These questions are taken from our Question bank which has a simulator (which closely simulates the actual CCBA exam interface).

In this practice test, there are nine questions. Each question has one correct answer. Click on the SUBMIT button to finish your test.

Once you finish the test, you will find a detailed analysis of the test. This detailed analysis will have correct answers and explanations for the correct answer.

CCBA Mock Test

Welcome to your CCBA Mock Test

Sponsor of a project asked the business analyst to avoid waste in the project. What did he actually ask the BA to do?
A Business Analyst is assessing the impact of a solution on stakeholders. Which of the following factors does not have any impact on the Stakeholders?
A Business consultant has the responsibility of assessing the performance of a proposed project. When is it appropriate to assess the performance?
A leads management system is not successful in a product company and a business analyst has been asked to analyze it. The BA finds that most of the employees have dual reporting leading to delays in the lead's approval and allocation. Which of the following correctly represents the discovered issue?
A Business Analyst has defined the performance measures for a proposed solution. Before collecting data for these measures, the BA wanted to ensure the validity of these measures. How can the BA validate the measures?

Did you like these CCBA Practice Questions?

Then, you can also check out the CCBA Question bank and Simulator. You can try our simulator for Free and see the performance reporting and other features of the simulator.


Key Features of the CCBA Question Bank with Simulator

The key features of our question bank are as follows:

  • Chapter wise warm-up questions for first BABOK reading
  • Drill down questions for more in-depth questions
  • Full length simulated tests to check final preparation
  • Detailed analysis with answers and explanation
  • Performance Analysis Dashboard
  • Exception reporting

CCBA Question Bank

As mentioned earlier, the questions of this CCBA mock test were taken from our CCBA Question Bank. The key features of our question bank are as follows:

  • 3 levels of CCBA Questions.
  • Level 1 is the basic revision for each chapter (Warm up questions)
  • Level 2 is the drill down set (scenario based questions), which you configure for time and number of questions.
  • Level 3 is the full length simulation tests.
  • Detailed analysis after test for answers and explanation
  • Reporting dashboard showing your overall progress
  • Reporting dashboard showing chapters/tests, where you are below the desired score

About Techcanvass

Techcanvass is an IIBA endorsed education provider (EEP) and an iSQi Germany authorized training provider. We offer a CCBA Certification Training program to help you prepare for the exam. Our course includes:

  • 21-hrs of PDs
  • Free question bank
  • Free revision guide

You can also visit the official blog page to know more about CCBA certification

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