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Try these CCBA Practice questions taken from our CCBA Question Bank. Our CCBA question bank has 900+ questions divided into chapter-wise, drill-down, and full-length tests.

These 15 CCBA exam questions are based on the latest CCBA v3 exam pattern. These are scenario-based questions.

Each question has one correct answer. Once you finish your test, enter your name and email ID to see the answers and explanations.  

Our CCBA Question Bank is aligned with the latest edition of the BABOK and 2024 IIBA CCBA syllabus.

CCBA Question bank provides an online simulated environment like the actual CCBA Exam. The key features of this question bank are:

    • Warm Up tests chapter-wise (Quick review when you read BABOK the first time)
    • Drill Down Questions (For your second time BABOK reading, tougher questions than Warm-up)
    • Full-length Simulation
    • Detailed Analysis of each test with answer explanations
    • Performance report and trends

CCBA Practice Test

Welcome to your CCBA Mock Test

A Business Analyst is assessing the impact of a solution on stakeholders. Which of the following factors does not have any impact on the Stakeholders?
Sponsor of a project asked the business analyst to avoid waste in the project. What did he actually ask the BA to do?
A leads management system is not successful in a product company and a business analyst has been asked to analyze it. The BA finds that most of the employees have dual reporting leading to delays in the lead's approval and allocation. Which of the following correctly represents the discovered issue?
A Business consultant has the responsibility of assessing the performance of a proposed project. When is it appropriate to assess the performance?
A Business Analyst has defined the performance measures for a proposed solution. Before collecting data for these measures, the BA wanted to ensure the validity of these measures. How can the BA validate the measures?
BA Peter is working on a project. He is using prototyping for eliciting and validating the stakeholder needs. Which of the following statement is not valid for this technique?
An enterprise business analyst is having meetings with the top management of a company. They are working on a new product launch and are exploring a model to capture how an enterprise creates, delivers, and captures value for and from its customers? Which of the following models can be used for this purpose?
An influencing factor that is believed to be true but has not been confirmed to be accurate or that could be true now but may not be in the future. What is this factor?
A business analyst is working on a supplier and contracts management system. He is checking the laws governing the management of suppliers and contracts before putting the requirements in the traceability matrix. Why is the information related to law is important?
Ronil is reviewing the requirements specifications provided to him by his predecessor. He comes across a few statements as follows:
(A) Customer's queries need to be resolved in 4 hrs
(B) It can be achieved by Recording and accessing a customer’s transactions and managing the response data history
(C) A report format was prepared to finalize the customer response history to the agents
Please identify which one is a need, which one is a requirement, and which one is a design from the above statements.
The cost of investing in a small clothes manufacturing company is 60,000 USD. The revenue generated is 48,000USD and the reduced operating costs is 15,000USD and the reduced cost of errors is 10,000USD. What is the return on investment in this case?
BA Peter is working on a complex project. Since the system is large and complex, he decides to decompose the requirements. Which of the following is least true in this case?
Business Analyst Romil Jones is working on developing a web portal for his client. He has gathered the functional requirement and is now analysing the non functional requirements. He documents the non-functional requirements (NFR) separately. Why is it important to document the NFR separately?
A Business Analyst(BA) is assigned a new project involving integration with a payment gateway. The BA has gathered the requirements and is now working on defining the acceptance criteria and checklist for validating the requirements. Which of the following statement is true in this scenario?
In the Requirement Elicitation phase, just before interacting with a highly influential Stakeholder, the Business Analyst has a dilemma on the place of interview. Whether (s)he should arrange the interview session in a. the Stakeholder's department b. the Business Analyst's workplace c. the neutral location to make the session more effective.

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CCBA Exam Questions

The key features of our question bank are as follows:

  • Chapter-wise warm-up questions for the first BABOK reading
  • Level 1 is the basic revision for each chapter (Warm up questions)
  • Level 2 is the drill-down set (scenario-based questions), which you configure for time and number of questions.
  • Level 3 is the full-length simulation test.
  • Detailed analysis after test for answers and explanation
  • Reporting dashboard showing your overall progress
  • Reporting dashboard showing chapters/tests, where you are below the desired score.

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CCBA Question Bank

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