Top Career Trends for New Graduates

Emerging Career Trends for Fresh Graduates: LinkedIn Data Highlights In-Demand Roles in Tech and Beyond

LinkedIn data reveals that career starters have their eye on opportunities in analytics, design and programming, showing strong interest for roles such as software engineer to systems engineer; or from UI/UX designers going big into designing engineers. 

Community service, legal, marketing and education non-tech roles also post significant gains. At the same time, other roles unseen on LinkedIn’s 2016 list also saw large gains last year: with product management and HR among those available to newly minted bachelor’s; deposed, instead rising as high-flying destinations for master job switchers were careers in community services (up nine places), marketing (five) and healthcare. 

If you look further at some of the data, it has been observed that people are hiring for a few domains such as Development Associate – increased by 141%, AI Engineer -76%, Social Media Manager-49% (Top Jobs Sought).setattr(hybrid work roles up a whopping 52 % and creating new job landscape altogether which seems exciting from fresh grads perspective Industry TrendsKeep abreast of industry trends There are various roles in the finance and banking sector so explore them all Keep on learning (skills & networking) that open new doors for you.

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