Generative AI: Boon or Bane for Business?

SAS: Organisations Lack Measures to Tackle AI, Data Bias

Businesses Excited About AI Potential, But Worried About Data Privacy

Companies are seeing a lot of promise in Generative AI (Gen AI) models for tasks like coding, customer support, and content creation. However, there are growing concerns about data privacy and bias in these AI systems.

The massive amount of data used to train these models often scraped from the internet, can be sensitive or contain personal information. Additionally, businesses are struggling to comply with data privacy regulations and build trust in their AI practices.

Gen AI offers exciting possibilities, but companies need to be cautious about data privacy and develop a strategic plan for implementation. They should focus on how AI can augment existing processes rather than expecting it to be a magic bullet solution.

For a deeper dive into the research and specific challenges, you can read the full report here.

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