How to Select the Right Business Analyst Training Provider?

Selecting The Right Business Analyst Training Provider

If you are searching for a business analyst training program, I am sure you will get a lot of options to choose from. Selecting the right business analyst training provider can be a daunting task. More so because the courses don’t come cheap so you can’t use the trial and error techniques.

Disclaimer: I represent an IT certification training provider, TECHCANVASS and we are into business analyst training courses. However, I have tried to write this article considering myself as someone who is looking to find the right training provider.

So, how do you go about selecting the appropriate business analyst training provider? I have shortlisted the top 7 parameters to select the right training provider for business analyst training.

Think like an Employer

Even before you start searching for training providers, you must put yourself in an employer’s shoes and consider the skills you will be expecting for this role. As an entry-level business analyst, what is going to be your role and which skills will enable you to perform the role efficiently?

So understanding the requisite skills for an entry-level business analyst will be the first step. Let me help you with the top 6 skills for an entry-level business analyst:

a) Ability to engage customers for requirements elicitation/gathering
b) Capability to manage requirements (traditional and Agile)
c) Ability to conduct requirements analysis and modelling (UML modelling, prototyping etc)
d) Basic SQL knowledge (Querying)
e) Ability to develop and manage SRS/FS or Product Backlogs
f) Capability to verify and validate requirements

You can use these skills as a benchmark to compare the courses offered by a training provider and shortlist the initial few.

Training Provider credibility

Once you have factored in the course content and shortlisted the training providers, the next step is to evaluate their credibility. So, How do you evaluate the credibility of a training provider?

  • Will you decide based on brand?
  • or can you decide based on a friend’s recommendations?
  • or would you decide based on Internet feedback?
  • or should you decide based on the “Authorized Training provider” status

In my view, no single factor is dominant in this case. All these factors should be considered in shortlisting a training provider.
Let me help you with some scenarios:

A company is known because a lot of people like it or is it known because it is visible everywhere? Many brands are well known because they spend a lot of money on advertising and are visible everywhere?

Your friend has recommended a training provider on hearsay or he/she has done a course from that particular training provider.

The last few feedbacks for a training provider are negative or positive. That does not make a company good or bad. Look at the percentage of feedback over a period of time (at least a year or 2 years).

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Dig deeper – Ask for a demo or review their content

The next step is to evaluate the depth and skills of their trainers. You can ask for a demo or ask for class recordings. The class recordings are the best representation of the trainer’s teaching style and depth of knowledge.

Most of the training providers should have class recordings available on their Youtube channel or the website itself. If you feel comfortable listening to these, it’s a big YES.

However, be careful, don’t just decide on the basis of one video as that could be the best one and only one.

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Right Training mode for you

Which is the most appropriate training model for you? Would you prefer classroom training or live online training or self-paced training?

It’s purely dependent on your availability, work schedule and style of learning. Does the training provider provide training in that particular model? Please be aware that, there are advantages and disadvantages of each of the approaches.

An important consideration is the availability of recorded sessions in case you miss a class. This is quite common because of work schedules, family commitments etc. If you get access to recorded sessions, that will help you in maintaining continuity.

Training support

Does the training provider offer support of any kind? Can you ask questions after the classes? Sometimes you may not feel comfortable asking a question in the class for whatever reasons? Is there any provision for getting answers later? Or is there any channel for submitting your questions and doubts?

The training provider can provide support in one of the following formats:

  • A lively discussion forum
  • Email support

I know a couple of training providers, who have lively discussion forums where students ask questions and these questions are answered by trainers.

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Project Work

Another important criterion is the project or projects? Does the course include projects which will help you in applying all the concepts and processes learnt?

For example, does the course provide you with software projects where you can learn to develop and model requirements in a system requirements specification (SRS) document? Can you do a project to create user story cards or learn to manage product backlogs?

Working on these projects enables you to be confident during the interview (as you have done it yourself). At the same time, it also allows you to showcase your resume making it more creditworthy.

The Training cost

The training cost is the last but certainly not the least parameter for selecting the training provider and the course. As the course fees is not a small amount, it is certainly a factor in decision making.

Which training provider offers the course at the best price, provided the course meets other criteria? Even though this cost may not be the lowest but a 10-15% premium for the best provider is not a bad deal. Always consider the best value rather than just the cost.
Hope these parameters will be useful in selecting the right training provider for the business analyst training course.
Wish you all the best


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