Types of Business Analysts

What are the different types of Business Analysts?

In this post, we explore the world of Business Analysis, delving into the diverse roles and skill sets associated with this dynamic field. Many aspiring Business Analysts may find job descriptions demanding a range of skills and an intricate understanding of the distinct types of Business Analysts. Let’s shed light on the different categories of Business Analysts employed by the IT industry, focusing specifically on four key types that play crucial roles in shaping and optimizing business processes.

Defining a Business Analyst

Before we explore specific types, it’s crucial to understand that Business Analysis is not merely a job title but a multifaceted function encompassing various responsibilities. Business Analysts play a pivotal role in strategic analysis, project execution, and adapting to diverse projects within the IT industry.

Different types of Business Analysts


1. IT Business Analyst

The IT Business Analyst represents a non-programming role involving extensive interaction with stakeholders. This role includes capturing, detailing, and modeling requirements, along with tasks like creating prototypes and documenting in SRS or BRD. Certifications such as ECBA and various Business Analyst training programs predominantly focus on this type.

2. Business Data Analyst

The Business Data Analyst, often working on data analytics projects, requires skills in data analytics, machine learning basics, artificial intelligence, and programming languages like Python. This profile demands a deeper understanding of analytical tools and techniques.

3. Business Analyst – Reporting

The Reporting Business Analyst handles reporting requirements from customers, involving tasks from simple to highly complex, including creating data warehouses and analytics reports. Proficiency in visualization tools such as PowerBI and Tableau, along with knowledge of Python libraries for visual charts, is essential.

4. Business Analyst – Consulting

In more senior roles, Business Analysts may transition into consulting roles, involving responsibilities such as gap analysis and strategic analysis. Certifications like CBAP, CCBA from IIBA, and PMI PBA become valuable assets in this stage.

Elevating your skills with Business Analysts Courses

A. Business analyst course for beginners

Unlock your potential with our Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) course, designed for beginners aspiring to become adept Business Analysts. Led by industry expert Mr. Abhishek Srivastava, the course uniquely combines ECBA preparation with the mastery of formal Business Analysis skills. Engage in real-life projects, including simulations for practical application in both Waterfall and Agile contexts.

Key Features:

  • Live Online Training (6 weekends, 24 hrs)
  • 180-day access to Online Sessions (Flexi-Pass)
  • IIBA Endorsed Course (21-hrs PD)
  • Course Certification (IIBA and Techcanvass co-branded)
  • ECBA Question Bank and Drills (Package C)
  • 2 Course Projects covering Waterfall & Agile methodologies
  • Resume guidance & Interview Prep
  • Special Course: Data Analytics Fundamentals Self-Learning Course

B. Business analyst course for experienced professionals 

Take the next step in your professional journey with our Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) Certification Training at Techcanvass. Led by seasoned Business Analysts, our program provides a comprehensive curriculum based on BABOK v3. With over 1200 mock questions, 25+ case studies, and dedicated doubt-clearing sessions, our structured approach ensures a high success rate.

Key Features:

  • Live online training by experienced Business Analysts
  • 1200+ mock questions and 25+ case studies
  • Dedicated workshops for scenario and case-study-based questions
  • 180-day access to online sessions with a flexible schedule
  • CBAP study material including the BABOK revision guide, mind maps, flashcards, and cheat sheets
  • Certification guarantee: Special session with the trainer, access to the next online batch, and extension to CBAP prep resources & portal for free


The business analysis proves to be multifaceted, encompassing diverse types of business analysts to address the wide-ranging demands within the IT industry. Whether you find yourself as an IT Business Analyst, Business Data Analyst, Reporting Analyst, or Consulting Analyst, the field opens up a spectrum of opportunities. To commence this thrilling journey, our courses are tailored to meet the needs of both novices and seasoned professionals.

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