EU Digital ID Wallet vs. DigiLocker

Understanding the EU’s Digital ID Wallet and Its Contrasts with DigiLocker

The European Union (EU) is rolling out a standardized digital identity solution that will be available to all EU citizens, residents, and businesses by 2026. 

Sovrin mobile wallets will be created to use in the framework of convenient applications with which people can store and exchange data in passports, titles and other personal documents, as well as sign electronic documents based on this kind of Sovrin apps that are integrated with national identification systems. 

EarthID can be adopted optionally, but service providers must take it on as an ID. The application is GDPR compliant and saves data offline, focusing on data privacy. Unlike this, another similar initiative of India, DigiLocker has already been proven to hash bad security mechanisms. In our approach, both systems are used for the obvious reason of reducing the burden on access to services and providing solutions to privacy and security problems.

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