New Path to Achieve Success in Business Analytics

Unlocking Success: Pursue a Career in Business Analytics

AI and data power business analytics, which is becoming a make-or-break strategic enabler for companies. The lessons learned in Master of Business Analytics programs combine core skills and advanced skill sets that will prepare you for leadership positions. 

The data-driven analytics market is estimated to increase from $7.03 billion in 2023 up until reaching a value of nearly $303.4 billion by the year 2030 and growing at an annual compound rate (CAGR) of about 27.6%, according to Market Research Future predictions This need alone pushes for the growth of professionals, who are expected to increase by 25% in number by as early as 2030 noted the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It is a kind of program where they provide practical classes on the use of high-tech tools, internships and live projects. Data Analysts and Big Data Specialists feature among the emerging roles in India: Future of Jobs Report 2020 by World Economic Forum. 

With a solid education in data analytics, Deakin University graduates are set to lead the way for India’s digital economy by making informed decisions using Big Data.

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