How do I need to prepare a business analyst resume with testing experience?

A Tester with good experience can get into Business Analyst role. Your 5 years of experience is pretty handy as you understand one of the critical parts of SDLC.

Having said that, please note that a Business Analyst needs to be skilled in the following areas:

a) Requirement Development
b) Requirement Management
c) Requirement Validation
d) Solution Assessment
e) Change Management

As you can see, first 3 and the change management (Impact Analysis and RTT) are purely related to SDLC. I feel that being a testing professional, you must have experience of validation techniques as well as reviewing defects, prioritizing defects, impact analysis etc. These skills you can definitely highlight and show it in your resume.

For the rest of the skills, you can self-study (lot of materials available on the Internet) or join some course.

Hope that helps

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