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CBAP Recertification – A Comprehensive Guide to the Renewal Process

Did you get your CBAP certification a couple of years back? Are you looking to get yourself recertified on CBAP? Or maybe you were not able to maintain the minimum required 60 continuing development units to hold your CBAP certification. In such situations, you can always apply for CBAP recertification. 

The reason why candidates have to maintain their CBAP certification every three years is to demonstrate their ongoing professional devotion to the business analysis domain and to ensure that they are continually contributing to the profession while keeping up with any new changes. Moreover, the most important reason for CBAP recertification is that it encourages and recognizes the individual learning of the CBAP Certification professionals. 

Here we take a look at some facts you must be aware of about CBAP recertification.

Facts About CBAP Recertification

  1. You don’t need to appear for an CBAP exam to get recertified.
  2. You need to earn 60 continuing development Units (CDUs) to be eligible for recertification. 
  3. One CDU equals to one hour of time spent during business analysis training or performing any other professional activity. 
  4. You must submit the proof of 60 CDUs before the expiry of your CBAP certification. The date is counted from the day you cleared the exam.
  5. You will be put in suspended status, if you don’t submit the 60 CDUs before the expiry date and the suspension status is for a period of 1 year.
  6. If you don’t submit the 60 CDUs, even within the suspended period, your certification will be revoked and you need to re-appear for the exam.
  7. If you are in suspended status and you submit the proof of 60 CDUs, your recertification will be accepted and the date will still remain the original one. That means, 3 years from the date of clearing your CBAP examination.
  8. 60 CDUs can be earned in different categories and there is a maximum limit to each category. 

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Here are the six categories from which you can earn 60 CDUs

  • Formal academic education
  • Professional development
  • Professional activities
  • Self-directed learning
  • Volunteer service
  • Professional experience
  1. The easiest way to earn 30 CDUs is through professional development which can be a self-paced CBAP program eligible for 30 hrs of CDUs. You can go through these courses at your own pace.
  2. Techcanvass’s CBAP Certification Training is an IIBA approved course.
  3. You can earn 15 CDUs through self-directed learning and you don’t need to join a course. You can study books, manuals or watch videos on youtube to claim 15 CDUs.
  4. The remaining 15 CDUs can be earned through your work experience. Every 1000 hours of business analysis work earns you 5 CDUs. It’s not difficult to have 3000 hours of BA work in 3 years. which makes you earn you 15 CDUs.
  5. You will be notified about the CBAP recertification process with an email that you will receive 3 months prior to the certification expiry date with all the necessary details, such as links and other information about the recertification process. 
  6. If you complete any CDU activities before actually obtaining the CBAP designation, it will not be counted for the recertification requirements. 

Note – Points 8, 9, and 10 possibly are the most preferred way of earning 60 CDUs and getting certified.

CBAP Recertification Process

Here is the guide to the CBAP recertification process that you can go through. 

Earn A Minimum Of 60 Continuing Development Units 

The first and foremost step for the recertification process is earning the minimum requirement of 60 continuing development units (CDUs). For the CDUs, you can refer to the points mentioned above. 

Enter Your Hours into The BA Development Log

After you have earned the minimum of 60 CDUs, you have to enter them in the BA development log on the official IIBA portal. You can easily follow this detailed guide on how to enter the hours into the BA development log.

This section involves all 6 categories under which you can earn your CDUs. Therefore, all you have to do is enter the CDUs per category. 

Pay Recertification Fee

After entering your hours or CDUs in the BA development log, the next step is to pay the CBAP recertification fees, which is as follows:

IIBA member- $85

IIBA non-member- $120

Note – Once the recertification fee is paid, it is non-refundable.  

Submit Recertification Application 

Once you have paid the recertification fees, all you have to do is agree to the following attestations and submit the recertification application:

  • Code of conduct
  • Terms and conditions

Receive A Confirmation Email From IIBA 

Upon successfully submitting the recertification fees along with the application, you will receive an approval email from IIBA that you have been recertified. However, there are chances that your application can be selected for an audit. An audit is nothing, but a process through which IIBA verifies the details and information submitted by you in your recertification application. 

On successfully clearing the audit process, you will receive an approval application from IIBA congratulating you on getting recertified. 

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CBAP recertification is a process by which candidates can demonstrate their continued learning and commitment to the business analysis profession. Moreover, it is also a way for the CBAP professional to give back to the industry. 

In this guide, we have mentioned some important details that you can consider before you go through the CBAP recertification process. 


How long does CBAP certification last?

A CBAP certification is valid for 3 years from the date of your exam and the certification has to be renewed every three years. 

Is CBAP certification worth it?

CBAP certification adds an industry-recognized credential to your profession and makes you an established business analyst demonstrating your knowledge and skills of the domain. 

For CBAP,  what qualifies towards the Professional Development requirement?

The professional development requirement for the CBAP certification is as follows:
1. 35 hours of CBAP certification training from any IIBA endorsed education provider.
2. A minimum requirement of 7500 hours of experience in business analysis, where 900 hours should be spent on 4 of the 6 knowledge areas of the BABOK guide. 

How do I get CBAP professional development hours?

You can earn the CBAP professional development hours by enrolling yourself in a CBAP certification course offered by IIBA endorsed education provider (EEP) such as Techcanvass. 

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