How Sabrina was able to crack CBAP? – An inspiring story

In today’s success story, we will talk about the experienced Business Analyst, Sabrina. She is one of the talented and smart Business Analysts who has recently cracked the CBAP Certification. She works in a consultancy and before that she was in the insurance and banking sector. 

Her motivation and energy to do something extraordinary make her a powerful figure in the corporate world. 

Let’s move ahead and learn about CBAP Certification and how Sabrina was able to crack it despite her daily hectic work schedule. 

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Sabrina has recently completed her CBAP Certification, and she is currently a Business Analyst and works in a consultancy situated in Italy. She has also worked in an insurance company for 5 years. 

Before that, she worked in the banking sector. As a result, she has good adaptive knowledge of various industries and works ethics due to her relation and understanding of a variety of sectors around the world. In addition, she has an experience as a Business Analyst for 7-8 years.

When did she decide to go for the certification?

After completing ECBA Certification, Sabrina decided to go for CBAP Certification. But before that, she wanted to try CCBA Certification as well. So, she wanted to take on this challenge, and now she has both certifications.  

Sabrina always wanted to test her skills and gain more knowledge in this field. However, she says she has learned much in this certification journey. 

How did she prepare for the certification?

According to Sabrina, she prepares a lot in her life before doing anything. And that is why she has to keep the pace of the challenge and work toward planning and mapping everything. This is the reason that fueled her preparation, as she was already prepared for it. She tried never to miss her preparation classes and studied everything on the same day. 

She studied for at least an hour every morning before going to work. She also dedicated her evenings and weekends to studying and completing the work. She says sometimes it was challenging to manage everything with her studies, but it was interesting too.

Challenges faced by Sabrina during preparation

According to Sabrina, the master significance difficulties or dealing with the number of notions within the book was one of the greatest challenges I faced during the preparation. 

On the other hand, the biggest challenge for her was that her memory is migrated, and she could not remember everything at once. However, she never stopped trying and finally cracked one of the most difficult exams in this domain.

The phase before giving the exam

In the beginning, I used to feel nervous and attempt every wrong question, which was the peak point. After that, I decided that I would never stop trying and made a few changes to crack the questions easily. It made her confident when her first answer was correct. She went back to her mistakes to change the things that were not going correct.

Mental state during the exam

Sabrina says that during the exam, she was nervous. She went through many tips and tricks before giving the exam, but due to bad luck, the connection went off 5 minutes before the exam. She went into a panic before the connection was restored. So, connectivity became a significant issue for her and made her nervous. Apart from that, the first few questions were difficult, but the overall paper was good, and I was confident to solve it quickly.

Tips and advice for future aspirants

So, for the future aspirants, she says, practice mind maps a lot. They will help you during the examination. Understand the knowledge area of the book and start developing connections between the topics and material. 

According to her, during the exam or on the day of the exam, do not lose hope because, in the end, everything will be fine. 

How did Techcanvass help Sabrina?

Techcanvass provided her with the best material and guided her while understanding mind maps and preparing for the milestones. Every chapter for Sabrina was a milestone, and Techcanvass was able to make it a reality for her. 

Sabrina says that Techcanvass study material is one of the best materials to study for CBAP Certification. It helped her through her journey and made her crack the best accreditation in the domain. 

Final Word

We hope Sabrina’s story helped you gain insights into CBAP preparation properly. Suppose you are an aspirant who wants to go for these certifications. In that case, we provide the best study material with a proper question bank and 200+ MCQ questions to accelerate your CBAP Certification preparation. 

You can avail of CBAP Certification courses to understand the structure of the exam and get the best material to accelerate the preparation. 

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