Triptasree Ghosh:Cbap Certification Journey

CBAP Certification Journey of Triptashree Ghosh : How She Cleared Exam on Her First Attempt?

In this article, we will take a look at CBAP Certification Journey of Triptashree Ghosh’s success story of successfully clearing the CBAP exam on her first attempt. You will learn about her preparation journey and about how and when she decided to take up the CBAP examination. Moreover, you can also get insights into the tips and tricks shared by Triptasree for aspirants planning to take their CBAP examination and get certified.

CBAP is a well-known credential offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) to business analyst professionals with extensive business analysis experience. 

Triptasree is currently working with a leading US bank as a Functional Business Analyst. Let’s take a look at how Triptasree was able to get CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) certified and her entire preparation journey.

Triptashree Ghosh Certification Journey

Professional Background

Triptasree Ghosh is a seasoned Business Analyst with 10+ years of experience in the business analysis domain. Over the course of 10 years, she has worked mostly with banks in different solutions. 

She has worked in compliance and anti-money laundering solutions, and then she has also worked in the product control domain. And now she is currently working with a leading US bank in their small business segment as a functional business analyst.

What Motivated her to take up CBAP Certification?

Triptasree Ghosh always knew that she wanted to upskill herself as IIBA is quite recognized when it comes to business analysis. Moreover, she got inclined toward the CBAP certification because of the trend of opting for certifications to upscale oneself and CBAP was one of the best and most renowned certifications there for business analysts

In 2015-2016, Triptasree wanted to take up the CBAP Certification Exam as she was eligible and met all the prerequisites for the exam. But then she could not take it up at that point in time as she had other responsibilities as well. 

However, later in 2020, when the COVID lockdown hit, she had a lot of time to think and realized that since she is not going to the office, she had enough time to study for the CBAP exam. So the lockdown period was quite crucial for her as she was motivated to take up the CBAP certification.

How did she come across Techcanvass?

In 2021, Triptashree was going through her LinkedIn profile when she saw an Ad from Techcanvass and Realized why not? 

She could take up the training course from Techcanvass. So she went through the official website and contacted Techcanvass to begin her CBAP journey.

How did she prepare for the CBAP Certification Exam?

When asked about her preparation plan, Triptasree mentioned that her first step was enrolling with Techcanvass for 7 weeks of sessions where classes were conducted over the weekend for two and a half hours. 

Triptasree had a very immersive study plan where she made sure that she gave at least 1 hour every day for covering all the knowledge areas for the CBAP Exam. And before the next class, she would have a series of questions or doubts from the last week because Techcanvass have a doubt-clearing session for around 15 to 20 minutes scheduled before the next topic can start. 

Her study plan was quite rigorous as she would go through every knowledge area, and then go to the Techcanvass website to leverage the knowledge area-wise mock exams.

Challenges faced by Triptasree Ghosh

The most challenging part of Triptasree’s preparation journey was to go through the BABOK guide as it is a 500-page book that requires constant focus and understanding of all the knowledge areas. She had to read the BABOK guide three times to actually understand it and get an idea of the flow of the book.

Another challenging scenario for Triptasree is studying along with her professional day-to-day responsibilities. There were times during her preparation when she was working till 12 at night and waking up the next day taking calls at ten in the morning. So it was quite challenging for her to manage her work along with studying for the CBAP exam.

When was the time Triptasree knew she was ready to take the exam?

Triptasree went through a lot of mock exams to self-assess her level of preparation. She would go through and study a knowledge area and then take up the knowledge area-wise mock exams through the Techcanvass portal. At first, she did not even get 50% in her mock exams, but she was not disheartened and continued to go through the BABOK guide and then gave the mock exams, until she got 75% in her mock exams. After she started gaining higher scores in her mock exams, that was the time she felt that she was prepared to take up the CBAP exam.

What was her Exam Day like?

Triptasree was a little nervous on the day of the exam. She chose to do the offline mode and went to the examination center and gave the exam. It was a surreal experience for her as she was the only one sitting and giving the exam via offline mode. The exam was quite intimidating for her, but once she saw the paper, it just felt like she was taking a mock exam. And eventually, she was able to give her CBAP Certification exam quite smoothly.

After the Exam

After gaining the CBAP certification, Triptasree feels like she has accomplished a personal goal as by clearing the CBAP examination, she is now more confident in herself and her abilities. She now feels that if she could clear and gain the CBAP credential, she can also pursue other certifications as well. So clearing the CBAP exam gave her a boost and a sense of encouragement. She feels that the CBAP certification will greatly add value to her CV and make her stand out from the competition.

Tips to Clear IIBA-CBAP Certificate

Triptasree provides us with her insights about some tips for preparing for the CBAP Certification Exam & how you can easily crack it on your first attempt. She suggests the CBAP aspirants should thoroughly go through the resources provided to them for studying for the exam and most importantly go through the BABOK guide. Here are some more tips you can keep in mind for your exam preparation. 

  • Go through the BABOK Guide

The BABOK Guide is a good resource for preparing for the CBAP certification exam as it contains knowledge areas that are necessary for the CBAP certification. Therefore, reading the BABOK guide more than once is essential for clearly comprehending it. 

  • Leverage the Mock Exams

Giving as many mock exams as you could can be beneficial for successfully clearing the CBAP exam. With the help of mock exams, you can understand the structure and flow of the CBAP exam. 

  • Use Mind Maps 

Mind Maps are a great way to practice and study for the exam. If you have a hard time remembering terminologies and concepts, then mind maps are for you. For instance, Techcanvass has a mind maps section that helps you take your training to a whole new level.


So this was the success story of Triptasree Ghosh, a business analyst with over 10+ experience and now CBAP certified, which will add more value to her profession. The CBAP certification will help Triptasree earn a higher pay scale, get better job opportunities, and allow her to network with other CBAP-certified professionals. 

Even if you are planning to take up the CBAP certification, you can take up our CBAP certification training course to enroll for a comprehensive exam training and become CBAP certified with a little determination, effort, and a fair amount of time investment for the exam preparation.

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