Ivan CBDA Certification Journey

Ivan CBDA Certification Journey – How He Cleared Exam?

In this guide, we will talk about Ivan, who has successfully cleared his CBDA certification from IIBA and is currently working as a software developer. Here is Ivan CBDA Certification journey.

A CBDA certification shows a Business Analyst Practitioner’s commitment, passion, and competency in performing business analysis on analytics initiatives, and it recognizes a Business Analyst Practitioner’s ability to successfully execute analysis-related work in support of business analytics initiatives. Becoming CBDA certified holds various benefits, from high compensation to great job opportunities, one can gain a lot of advantages after pursuing a CBDA Certification. 

We are an IIBA endorsed education provider who helps aspirants in comprehensive CBDA preparation training for the exam. 

Let’s take a look at how Ivan came across our training portal and how he prepared for the CBDA certification exam. 

Ivan CBDA Certification Journey

Professional Background

Ivan has a computer science background and in his initial 3-4 years of working experience, he was working as an IT engineer. However, after 3-4 years, Ivan later moved in on the software development domain. Currently, Ivan is working as a software developer, where his work mainly revolves around developing C Sharp, VP, and simply Python. 

What Motivated him to take up CBDA Certification?

Since Ivan was working in developing Python, he was fascinated with the trend of data analytics and machine learning. So, he wanted to pursue CBDA certification mainly because he wanted to get an overall picture of analytics and machine learning projects and the second reason was before Ivan got himself included in data analytics and machine learning initiatives he wanted to gain the necessary experience to understand machine learning and data analytics. 

How did he come across Techcanvass?

Once Ivan decided that he wanted to pursue the CBDA certification and wanted to register for the exam. He was a little bewildered and wanted to understand where to start for the exam preparation and embark on his studying journey. And this is where Ivan started researching the exam resources and material, but halfway through his research, he panicked and reached out to IIBA, who referred him back to our learning portal, as it is an IIBA endorsed education provider. And this is how Ivan came across Techcanvass and ended up taking up the CBDA certification training. 

How did he prepare for the CBDA Certification Exam?

Ivan used to put in 8 hours to study for the CBDA certification exam. We were offering 8 hours of trainer-led sessions on the weekends, and Ivan managed to put in enough time for his preparation.

Challenges faced by him

Ivan had to deal with work pressure along with his CBDA certification preparation journey, which was a challenge for him. But despite his work pressure, he was determined enough to attend the 16 hours of trainer-led sessions at our learning portal. Ivan also had to take two weeks’ leave from work when the exam was approaching. 

Study Material 

Ivan is thankful for the exam resources and study material that he could access through our portal. The mindmaps were especially able to help him understand the concepts and topics more clearly and with depth. 

How has the CBDA Certification helped his career?

It has only been a little over a month since Ivan had passed his exam, but he is looking forward to a lot of great initiatives for the year 2022, and he hopes to be a part of the teams where he can implement his learnings and expertise gained from the CBDA certification. One thing that Ivan noticed after he put the CBDA certification on his LinkedIn profile was that many agents tried to reach out to him to know about his experience and his interest to apply for certain positions. 

So we can say that Ivan was able to discover a lot of new job opportunities after he successfully got his CBDA Certification and became an elite member of IIBA. 

Tips to clear CBDA Certification

Here are some helpful tips that are shared by Ivan for aspirants who are looking to pursue the CBDA certification from IIBA. 

  • Being appreciative of what the CBDA qualification is and understanding the basics of business data analytics would be helpful as the first step toward taking up the CBDA certification journey. 
  • Enrolling with Techcanvass can help aspirants get the right guidance from the initial stage of preparation to filling out the application form and taking the exam. We offer all the study material and all the relevant material for the CBDA exam, which makes the journey a bit smooth and easy. 
  • Putting in 2-3 hours every day would be beneficial for studying for the CBDA exam. However, one can always leverage the weekends for studying for the exam. 


We hope Ivan’s CBDA certification journey was able to inspire you and guide you in the right direction. If you are someone who is still confused about whether to take up the CBDA certification, then this is your sign to get on board with IIBA and opt for CBDA training from our portal to successfully clear your exam on the first attempt.

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