CBDA Certification Journey of Aniket

CBDA Certification journey Of Aniket

In today’s data-driven economy, producing value entails being able to quickly transform data into useful knowledge. Company data analytics is a discipline in which a set of techniques, competencies, and procedures are used to continuously explore, iterate, and investigate past and present business data in order to gain insights into the business that can lead to better decision-making. 

In this guide, let us take a look at how Aniket, who is currently working as a product owner and a business analyst with about 8+ years of experience in business analysis, was able to achieve the CBDA certification offered by IIBA. We will be taking a look at his certification journey- from his preparation time to the actual exam day.

What is the CBDA Certification?

The CBDA Certification (Certification in Business Data Analytics) is a credential offered by the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analytical) that certifies your competence to execute end-to-end business analytics and use data to assist business analysis decision-making in the organization. 

The IIBA CBDA certificate shows prospective employers that you understand data analysis and engineering fundamental principles and procedures such as data analysis, collation, cleansing, and structuring. IIBA CBDA-certified professionals can turn data into information and insights that can help an organization make better decisions.

Aniket Certification journey

Aniket has always had a keen interest in data, mathematical equations, and data representation, and after being in the business analysis domain, he wanted to opt for his career in data analytics. He believes that a data analytics career is a wise choice as it is going to stay for the next 10-15 years considering the growing demand for business data analysts. Aniket is working as a product owner and a business analyst with 8 years of experience in business analysis. He has got a chance to work in some great companies such as Process, alliance, and he even had the opportunity to visit his clients in South Africa, Munich, and Germany. 

His CBDA certification journey started when he decided he wanted to pursue business data analytics. When asked about his entire certification journey, He replied it has been a great one as he started preparing for the exam in the month of May and studied rigorously for about three months. Aniket went through the study guides 5-6 times to better understand the concepts of data analytics and he then opted for the CBDA Certification training course offered by Techcanvass, which allowed him to access a lot of good practice questions, which further helped him achieve the confidence to properly approach the exam preparation. He said that the questions asked in the exam are scenario-based questions where the CBDA exam taker has to understand the concept behind them. He talks about his nervousness while he applied for the CBDA examination as it was a new field for him, but what matters is your preparation for the exam. 

When asked about whether the CBDA Certification was adding value to his career. Aniket replied that as he is now working as a product owner in data analytics, one has to understand how to play with the data, understand what is the data, where is it coming from, and where it is going. And this is where Aniket’s CBDA Certification preparation comes into play as it really helped him understand the process, from framing research questions to understanding the do’s and don’ts when you are formulating the research questions, the certification has added so much value to his professional day to day life. Another benefit of a CBDA Certification is that it adds value to your resume, setting you apart from other candidates. 

Aniket is a great example of a professional with no experience in data analytics and yet he was able to crack the CBDA Certification exam on his first attempt. He believes that anyone can get into data analytics without any prior experience, and the CBDA Certification can be a stepping stone for you to get into a data analytics role. He suggests the CBDA aspirants prepare rigorously for the exam by going through the guide 4-5 times, practicing mock questions, and by understanding the concepts clearly.


So this was the CBDA Certification journey of Aniket, who has mastered the art of not only business analysis, but now business data analytics. If you are planning to kickstart your data analytics journey, a CBDA certification is a wise choice after going through Aniket’s certification journey. Techcanvass is helping aspirants crack the certification exam with the help of their comprehensive CBDA training course. The course will allow you to enjoy great features such as a full-fledged practice exam, more than 500+ mock questions, crosswords, case studies, flashcards, and more.

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