Shiva success story: How he cleared ECBA exam on his first attempt?

In this article, let’s take a look at how Shivasharan, a Business Analyst Professional successfully cleared the ECBA Examination on his first attempt. Moreover, Shiva has also shared some helpful tips and tricks for the ECBA aspirants looking to clear the exam and get ECBA certified. 

Furthermore, you will learn about his entire preparation journey, and what ways he used to study for all the knowledge areas. 

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Professional Background

Shivasharan was working as a Business Manager in an IT-based company in Bangalore, where he helped customers and his clients build their data centers and supported them with different IT solutions like storage servers, cloud solutions, hybrid cloud, private cloud, and virtualization communications and security. He held an experience of 4 years of working in the IT industry. 

What motivated him to take up ECBA Certification?

Shivasharan is an Engineer with an MBA from Mysore. After starting his career as a Business Manager in a startup company, where he was the first or second employee to join the company. And as the startup grew, Shivasharan grew with the company, where he was able to grow his career and learn so much along the way. 

However, he felt that Business Analysis would be the right career for him as Business Analysis included similar activities and responsibilities to that of his current role. And Shivasharan always wanted to be on the management side of work. So this is when he decided that an entry-level certification in Business Analysis is the key to the Business Analysis domain. Hence, this is when he decided to take up the ECBA Certification.

How did he come across Techcanvass?

At first, Shivasharan wandered through the IIBA website to go through the knowledge areas, activities, and responsibilities of a Business Analyst. This is when he came across Techcanvass and thought it was the right platform. 

He mentions that Techcanvass allowed him to get a better understanding of the concepts of ECBA Certification as he enjoyed the syllabus, test series, and the projects that he got to practically work on. 

How did he prepare for the ECBA Certification exam?

When asked about his preparation plan, Shivasharan mentioned that he had a habit of making his own notes. What he would do is write the notes and then upload them on a word doc, along with excel sheets. And then when he faced a complication while understanding a concept, he would note it down in the excel sheets. Shivasharan used to get printouts of these notes for his own record and for better preparation.

Challenges faced by Shivasharan

The only challenge faced by Shivasharan was difficulty in managing his work tasks along with preparing for the exam. However, he mentions that he loves challenges and loved taking up the challenge of studying along with his work. Another challenge according to him was finding the right institution and mentors for clearing the ECBA Certification. But then he came across Techcanvass, and his preparation journey got smooth sailing. 

Tips to clear IIBA-ECBA Certificate

Shivasharan shares helpful tips and tricks for ECBA Certification and how you can easily crack it on your first attempt. He suggests that ECBA aspirants should carefully understand each concept and topic without hurrying and staying calm throughout the ECBA preparation journey. 

  • Go through The BABOK Guide

Thoroughly go through each concept in the BABOK Guide, and try to differentiate between the topics. 

  • Stay Calm 

If you are not calm, you might ruin your entire preparation while giving the exam. Hence it is advised to stay calm and go with the flow during the exam. 

  • Gain Practical Knowledge

To better understand concepts, it is advised by Shivasharan to gain practical experience as well while you prepare for the exam. 


So this was the success story of Shivasharan, a Business Manager with over 4+ years of experience in the IT industry and now ECBA Certified. The ECBA Certification will enable Shivasharan to open new doors to the Business Analysis roles and positions. He will be able to gain better job opportunities, earn a higher pay scale, and can get better networking opportunities. 

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